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Meera Jasmine with a sword in her hand, Lohithadas next to her; Throwback pictures

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Old pictures taken during the reign of Kodungallur are gaining attention

Actress Meera Jasmine was the invention of Lohithadas for Malayalam cinema. Meera Jasmine made her film debut in 2001 with Lohithadas’ Sutradharan. Lohithadas was introduced to Meera by director Blessy.

Apart from Sutradharan, Meera also acted in Lohithadas’ Kasturiman and Chakram. Lohithadas had also planned a film titled ‘Chempat’ with Meera as the central character. Although some scenes in the film were shot against the backdrop of the Kodungallur festival, Lohithadas was unable to complete the film.

A few pictures of Meera taken during the shoot of ‘Chempatty’ are now catching the attention of social media.

Meera is seen in a red silk sari with a sword and a belt in her hand. Lohithadas is also seen directing Meera. These pictures were taken by photographer Jayaprakash Payyannur.

Meanwhile, Meera Jasmine has returned to cinema after a hiatus. Meera, who won both the State and National Awards for Best Actress, stayed away from cinema after her marriage.

Meera has joined the set of Sathyan Anthikkad’s new movie on Vijayadashami day. On Vijayadashami day, Meera Jasmine came in front of the camera again. The whole set is an indescribable joy. How many memories. ‘Kanmani’ who came as a boy in chemistry. ‘Achu’ who subdued his mother with love. Dileep, who was on a tour, was asked what the price of a kilo of rice was.

Meera is Juliet here. Also with Jayaram, Devika, Innocent, Siddique, KPAC Lalitha and Srinivasan. We are ready to bring them to the audience through the theaters in Kerala itself, ”Sathyan Anthikkad shared the joy of Meera’s return.

Recently, pictures of Meera receiving a UAE Golden Visa also went viral on social media. In the picture, you can see Meera straightening her hair and having a new look.


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