Meet Imma, a virtual model from Japan.

imma come from languageJapan The meaning of the word ‘ima’ is now.3D character She is affiliated with ModelingCafe, a 3D modeling and CGI graphics studio for famous games and movies such as Final Fantasy, Gintama, Neo Evangelion, and more. But on her Japanese art exhibition website, imma is the first virtual man in Asia. As for her weight, height, nationality and personal history, no one knows. But she is very famous.

Since her debut on social media, she has more than 407,000 followers on Instagram and was named one of Forbes Women’s Polish Women of the Year 2020. and has an older brother named Zinn who is another character whichMade of CGI also, though imma it will be just3D character created But she had the details on her face, her eyes, her hair which were quite realistic. Or even the bottom of the black hair that is slightly attached, which is the nature of the hair dye, it looks natural. Maybe it’s just skin looking up close. and it is so flawless that it does not look like human skin.

The studio credits the female team who designed imma’s skin and image because the studio thinks the male team may lack understanding of skin care or makeup. Therefore, having a team of women to design this story will be more understandable and detailed. It is no wonder that her makeup and fashion appearance has become so chic and stylish as a Japanese woman that she has become as famous in the fashion world as other models in the real world.

Imma has been on magazine covers in Japan and abroad. Including photoshoots with models who are real people. or even work in commercials with top Chinese heroes like Song Weilong AND take pictures with famous models like Kiko Mizuhara, rubbing the shoulders of top singers like Maluma. and has spliced ​​many leading celebrities

However, the studio said I want her to look like a woman who posts lifestyle, clothes, fashion, and shares beautiful photos. (As a net idol) rather than being a world class model. We have seen pictures of everyday life on her Instagram account. She goes to convenience stores, shops, cooks, travels, and occasionally responds to comments and chats with fans.

You can follow Imma’s virtual life on Instagram imma.gram.






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