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called in the present no one knows “Minnie Nicha” or as we will be known as “Minnie (G)TO-WHERE” She is a famous girl from Thailand who is a superstar artist who has gone all over the world. Today we would like to bring friends to see and get to know this girl better through Do you know Minnie Nicha or Minnie (G)I-DLE, the cutest idol star? If friends are together then Followed by falling together ~

Minnie Nicha or Minnie (G)I-DLE

Her real name is “Nicha Yontararak”, nicknamed “Minnie Minni (민니)”, born on October 23, 1997, currently 24 years old, about to be 25 years old, Bangkok, Thailand Education Minnie graduated from Wattana Wittayalai School She also studied in China for 4 years. She is a Thai singer, songwriter and actress known as a member of (G)I-DLE as of May 2018 under Cube Entertainment.

Minnie Nicha’s path into the artist industry

In September 2014, Minnie joined theCube audition in Thailandand passed an audition So he moved to Korea in 2015 and on November 5, 2016, he participated in Jeon So-yeon’s performance in a concert. AN UNCONTROLLABLE RAPSTAR And Minnie had the opportunity to join in singing in several different stages.

and on On May 2, 2018, Minnie made her debut with (G)I-DLE. with their mini album along with the song LATATA And from this release, Minnie has shown tremendous skill and singing potential. So there are South Korean and Thai fans who are impressed and admire her a lot!


and in addition to being good at singing Minnie also has a talent for composing songs. She has written many songs, whether He co-wrote songs with Wengie, Blow Your Mind, For You, Empire, I’M THE TREND, Tung-Tung (Empty), DAHLIA, EISOES, ESCAPE It is known as another beautiful idol which is very unusual.

In addition, the girl Minnie had starred in the film. “So not worth it” or Thai language is “Young age, active heart” In 2021, Netflix, a film with a light plot, tells the story of a group of students from different nationalities coming together. Fun and funny!😆👏🏻 where she performed as “Minnie” She is the character of a Thai girl who is looking for her dreams from Thailand to Korea. She likes Korean series. It’s life. This is the ultimate fashionista. She called her performance this time for the first time. What she expresses very well, the character is very excellent. Also, the people who don’t mind at all. #지구망#Netflix#SoNotWorthIt

  • Teenagers Crazy Hearts (So Not Worth It) | Official Trailer | Netflix

Young age, crazy heart (So Not Worth it)

Young age, crazy heart (So Not Worth it)

Young age, crazy heart (So Not Worth it)

Personally, I like the Minnie girl singing a cover in the song. Lost Stars Together with Lee Mu-Jin very much, this is one song that Minnie sang very well, with a clear voice and a unique identity. have a singing technique Raise the voice high-low well, and what I really love is that she communicates the emotional feeling in the song very well, which is very soft and good for my heart ^^

  • [리무진서비스] Minnie X Lee Moo-jin – Lost Stars | direct cam service

  • Minnie’s photo shoot was amazing. The chop style is not new!!✨

The character and intrigue of Minnie Nicha’s daughter Minnie is a bright, cheerful person, full of humour, wherever she sees Minnie, she will always see a smile on her face. He is a very positive person, Positive Thinking, loves his family, very friendly, has a beautiful face. beautiful and cute He has a very high charisma She is also a beautiful person who, despite her young age. but the issue of ability The effort is second to none. have self-development Whether singing, dancing, performing various performances to always make fans proud. She is known as another beautiful idol that anyone who sees anyone must fall in love with this girl.

It’s over for me to know Minnie Nicha or Minnie (G)I-DLE, the cutest idol star. I have to say that Minnie is a very beautiful girl who is beyond cute. Her talent and effort is something that is very commendable! by friends can follow Minnie Nicha through Instagram: @min.nichaand Instagram film cameras @minichamanichin And don’t forget to follow my sister’s work 🙂 ♥️

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Teenagers Crazy Hearts (So Not Worth It) | Official Trailer | Netflix

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[리무진서비스] Minnie X Lee Moo-jin – Lost Stars | direct cam service

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