Meet “Uncle Billy”, the bottle collector reveals his origins and speaks perfect English. An amazing life story

Open your mind, Uncle Billy collects bottles to sell, aged 83, from the viral clip, speaks English very accurately life story revealed He also speaks German, French and Italian.

Yesterday (March 30), reporters went to the area for a meeting Uncle Berm, Mr Krisada Subkamon or Uncle Billy 83 years old, villager, Village No. 10, Ban Chom Phon, Kham Muang Subdistrict, Khao Suan Kwang District, Khon Kaen Province, after social media sharing the TikTok clip, Uncle Billy, the bottle collector, speaks English in exactly Until becoming virally famous on social media

who found Uncle Billy walking back from collecting rubbish to the house, Uncle Billy, smiling all the time He also communicates with reporters in clear English like a native speaker and has a fluent manner unlike a man 83 age

Uncle Billy Said when young people went to work abroad in Germany, England, France and Italy, each country had a different language. But most of the communication is in English. when visiting many countries make it possible to speak English and speaks German, French and Italian as well.

In addition to talking to reporters, Uncle Billy also speaks English, inviting tourists to eat grilled chicken at Khao Suan Kwang.

“The things collected were not old things, but rubbish. Have the opportunity to talk to foreigners often because tour groups will come to travel in the zoo Come stop to eat, come to eat grilled chicken, but no one can speak Thai. And the driver can’t speak English. So it was often offered to talk to help.

Most recently, 2 days ago, there were tourists coming by car. come and walk around in front of a grilled chicken shop Until the seller shouted to ask what to do and what to wish for He himself went to speak and help in English. This solves the problem of communication between Thai sellers and foreign customers.”

Uncle Billy said he was happy collecting trash for sale and plans to continue doing so consider exercise too About various diseases a long distance from the hospital Because there are good medicines and the body is strong from walking the cart and collecting trash and garbage, it will choose a safe place. and food waste, namely bottles, cans, when it comes, will also be washed clean

If any group of garbage smells, they will not interfere and will let the car collect it. Personally, I will collect rubbish that does not have a bad smell. Keep it in the wash and put it in the car. along with sweeping the floor clean Until some vendors feel embarrassed and don’t dare to throw rubbish on the floor again

which he considered himself collecting his own rubbish As well as exercise It also helps to keep the market clean and pleasant to use. And every trader is very kind to himself. There was also a queue to ask for food and drink at each meal.

I didn’t want people to bring it to me. but must be accepted for people to achieve what they want to show kindness towards us Every day the rubbish collected Not much worth The full car is not more than 20 baht, but what I get is worth more than the money from selling this junk.

while Mrs. Nu Supkamon, aged 78, Uncle Billy’s ex-wife. He said that Uncle Billy was a resident of Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province, living as husband and wife since he was 17 years old, Uncle Billy was 21 years old, and then came together to live in the house in Khao Suan Kwang District, by capture and career selling grilled chicken 10 baht each, have 2 kids together

After that, uncle often goes to work abroad. Until there was something that did not understand each other, they divorced. many years apart Uncle Billy was home again. who live together as friends, brothers and sisters so far As for the children, they already have families.

My aunt said that Uncle Billy liked to speak English. and greet neighbors in English But not everyone can speak. So uncle said to speak Thai But if a foreigner comes to eat grilled chicken at Khao Suan Kwang grilled chicken shop along the road but can’t communicate with the shop Uncle Billy will go in to help to communicate with both parties in order to understand and provide services to each other. And Uncle Billy has been doing this for 3 years now.

Like for collecting rubbish or old things. Uncle Billy wants to do it himself. I don’t want to be alone family so banned and have been working together for many years


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