Meeting of the outgoing Chief Justice with the President

President Md. Outgoing Chief Justice Hasan Faiz Siddiqui met Sahabuddin.

He met the President at Bangabhaban on Thursday (September 21). During the meeting, the Chief Justice expressed his gratitude to the President for his overall cooperation while performing his duties.

During this, the Chief Justice informed the President about the progress of the settlement of the case and all the development activities of the Supreme Court Division, High Court Division and the lower courts of Bangladesh, including the judicial proceedings and infrastructure.

The Chief Justice said that the lower court case settlement rate has been achieved more than 100%. Besides, the rate of settlement of cases in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court has also increased a lot. Chief Justice thanked the government for the development of judiciary and cooperation in judicial activities.

The President expressed satisfaction with the speed of judicial proceedings, the introduction of digital technology in judicial proceedings and the increase in the rate of disposal of cases during the tenure of the Chief Justice. He thanked the Chief Justice for discharging his duties efficiently and successfully. Besides, he also appreciated the recruitment process of the Judicial Service during his tenure as the Chairman of the Judicial Service Commission of the Chief Justice.

The President expressed hope that by continuing this continuity, the Judiciary Department will continue to make continuous efforts to ensure the justice of the people.

Secretaries of the President’s office were present during the meeting.


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