Mega Bangna celebrates the 10th anniversary of being Your Everyday Meeting Place


strategy that makesMega BangnaThere are 3 main strategies for success as follows:

1. EVOLVING TENANT MIX : The heart of the shopping center management to be a Successful Retail Destination is Tenant Mix management by Mega Bangna, which has changed the development of various stores to be up-to-date all the time. to be consistent with the behavior and trends of customers on a regular basis We intend to make Mega Bangna a shopping center that responds to the lifestyles of all generations of customers. and responds to the shopping behavior of One-Stop Shopping Destination. We have 5 big Key Anchor brands that are considered important magnets that help attract customers to use the service at the center, namely

1. IKEA, a Swedish furniture and home furnishings distributor. which is open for service at Mega Bangnais the first branch in Thailand

2. Home Pro, home decoration accessories center Electrical appliances, furniture, household items that are complete in one place.

3. Central@Mega Bangna We have adjusted the positioning of the original department store to meet the customer profile ofMega Bangnathat has changed, which has increased purchasing power therefore looking for more premium products and services There are also plans for more extensions in the near future.

4. Big C Extra, a hypermarket that meets the needs of customers who want to shop for consumer products. good quality at affordable price

5. Mega Cineplex, including Blue-O Bowl and Sub-Zero Ice Skating, which is an entertainment center for the whole family.

In addition, customers will also have a new experience with new stores that gradually come to open, such as CAMPER, MOSSIMO, SAEMAEUL SIKDANG, MOS BURGER, OHKAJHU, SUSHIRO, ACE, AMD, YAKINIKU LIKE, DYSON DEMO, or there are also existing stores. The shop is constantly being renovated to be more beautiful in order to create an atmosphere inside the shop that is always pleasant to use.

2. NEW & NOW EXPERIENCE Mega BangnaIt is a shopping center that never stops developing. and create new experiences to customers all the time Both shopping where customers can update new brands that are in trend. Or in terms of benefits, customers will get more value. When shopping at Mega Bangna with special privileges for Mega Smile Rewards members with 365-Day Marketing Campaign, every spending can earn Smile Points. To exchange for prizes or various discounts, Mega Bangna has ongoing marketing activities throughout the year. by joining forces with various partners and tenant shops within the shopping center all tenant groups to provide value and more fun shopping or various prizes prepared for customers They are all in trend and select only quality products or products. In addition, activities during various important festivals, whether it’s New Year, Chinese New Year or Songkran, Mega Bangna has decorated the atmosphere. Transform the shopping center to fit each festival. And there are also shows to entertain customers in every important festival. where customers can take a walk and take photos with their families consistent with the idea that Mega Bangna is more than just a shopping center. That is, we want our customers to have the best time every time when they come to use the service.

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3. SUSTAINABILITY & ECO-FRIENDLY OPERATIONS Attracting and managing the number of customers to use the service at Mega Bangna It is a challenge and is considered an important mission in the work of every Mega Bangna team. With this problem, Mega Bangna has developed the Mega City Project (MEGACITY), which is a large-scale community. and a new lifestyle that will clearly make Mega Bangna different from other shopping centers We believe that this project will create sustainability. (SUATAINABILITY) in terms of traffic that will come to use the service in the shopping center. With an advantage in the area of ​​the project, which is a large plot of land, totaling more than 400 rai and is an important economic location. Makes Mega Bangna able to develop this area into a perfect city. In 2017, Mega Bangna announced the development of the Mega City project. which is a real estate development project in the form of “mix-use” valued at over 67 billion baht, which according to the plan, this area will consist of residential Office buildings, schools, hotels, entertainment centers of various formats, including other attraction, with Mega Bangna shopping center as the center It is expected that if the project is completed, there will be people who come to use the service in the Mega City project. and Mega Bangna up to 250,000 people per day, resulting in the amount of traffic circulating for both Mega Bangna and Mega City. which all the planning in the big picture will make our project grow steadily and sustainably

mega city It is a long-term investment project. which has been well received by business partners and real estate development companies who saw the opportunity and potential of the project Mega City is now over 40% of the development, and features are constantly being developed, including the Mega Food Walk extension with 1,200 parking spaces and additional restaurants. More than 30 stores, an 8-storey IKEA parking building that connects to the original IKEA building that can accommodate up to 2,000 cars, which makes the current Mega Bangna able to accommodate up to 12,000 cars at a time, the Mega Zone extension. Smart Kids, a source of more than 20 teaching institutes, Mega Harborland, a large indoor playground, Mega Park, Didyasarin International Primary School, Bangkok and 2 condominium projects, which the first project It has been completed and has been delivered to customers already and there is another project that is nearing completion. Ready to deliver to project buyers within 2023

and the recently officially launched project is TOPGOLF (top golf), which will be the top golf The first in Southeast Asia On an area of ​​more than 29 rai in the Mega City project Top Golf will be a new meeting place for everyone, not just golfers. Because here it combines games, sports, mini golf, restaurants serving Thai and international dishes, sports bars and rooftop bars. presenting a new lifestyle to all groups of customers It will be ready to open for service in the third quarter of 2022. Mega Bangna is confident that Top Golf will be an important magnet, helping to attract a variety of customer groups to use the service. and provide a new entertainment experience that cannot be found anywhere for sure

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Khun Plinee added that “Mega Bangna Development and Mega City Project is still the main goal of the company’s operations The upcoming project is to expand the area of ​​Central @ Mega Bangna by approximately 10,000 square meters, along with a new look to allow for more clearly allocating zones for goods and services. including the opening of the Central Food Hall and adding more products and services to meet the needs of Mega Bangna’s customers. and various industrial estates in the eastern provinces area Make the Mega City project attractive to investors. which is currently in the process of negotiating with new partners to develop hotels within the project It will be a hotel for business people. on a total area of ​​over 13,000 square meters.”

Plinee Kongchansiri, Chief Executive Officer of SF Development Company Limited, the management of Mega Bangna and Mega City Project. Another key factor in the management of Mega Bangna shopping center is ECO-FRIENDLY OPERATIONS, where Mega Bangna spends more than 1 billion baht in the development of energy conservation projects and increases green areas for the community. to meet the needs of quality coexistence Helping to take care of the environment for the community and the world, for example, reducing the use of chemicals in cooling the entire building. To reduce health risks and increase safety for staff as well as positive for the environment. The installation of solar panels totals nearly 17,000, covering a total area of ​​60,000 square meters on the roof capable of generating 13 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. It helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8.3 million kg per year. and reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning systems by more than 20%. In addition, an international standard wastewater treatment plant was built using membrane technology instead of chemicals. The water that has passed through the filter can be used to circulate in plant care activities. and cleaning work inside the shopping center This reduces the use of tap water by more than 100,000 units per year.

in addition Mega Bangnaalso add green areas for communities in various extensions such as Mega Park Located on an area of ​​​​over 7 rai (11,200 square meters) is a new public park for Bangna residents. There is a playground with children’s playground equipment that meets safety standards such as a tree house, a fountain and a cascading waterfall. and also open as a resting area for pet lovers so that pets can be brought in to participate in various activities free of charge and extension
Mega Food Walk under a semi-outdoor atmosphere with rocks streams and waterfalls In addition, the exterior landscape of the Mega Food Walk zone in the Scandinavian Playground concept consists of a large playground with a stream (Stream Valley) where customers like to relax and a sand pit (Sand Dune). Let the kids come and play for free under the delightful gardens that are rare in the city. In order for the family to spend time together, in fact, the shopping center can bring the said area to commercial development. But we choose to provide recreational areas for our community and customers.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Megabangna has invested more than 20 million baht in marketing budget to deliver a special campaign and promotion “Megabangna 10th Anniversary” to thank customers for always supporting Megabangna.

Throughout May – July 2022 when spending at Mega Bangna according to the conditions Can win many prizes worth a total of over 2 million baht. The main prize is a Honda Accord 1.5 TURBO EL worth 1,499,000 million baht, Leica Q2 camera worth 197,000 baht, a gift voucher from IKEA worth 50,000 baht and a total of 10 other prizes. reward

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And prepare to shop and win surprises with Surprised Weekend! On May 7-8, if you come to shop at Mega Bangna, prepare to win surprises from 10 participating stores. The total value is over 100,000 baht, with special privileges from stores throughout the shopping center up to 2 times throughout May, with the first prize when eating or Shop with all conditions GET NOW A SPECIAL DISCOUNT or premium or a special menu from over 80 participating stores and the second one receives a special collection of premium items to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mega Bangna when eating/shoping according to the conditions

and very special on Mega Bangna’s birthday Mega Smile Rewards members earn 10X points when shopping on May 5, 2022, one day only! For customers who shop and collect points for the first 100 people (limit a purchase of not more than 100,000 baht), in addition to the promotions that we have prepared instead of thanking and returning profits to customers We have also decorated the area with great beauty and colorful activities. Create a fun shopping atmosphere every holiday. Throughout May

“Over the past 10 years, ‘We Create A Better Everyday Life for the Many People’ has always been an important working resolution for employees and management of Mega Bangna Shopping Center. We want to create and develop spaces for everyone and communities so that we can grow with our business. as well as promoting quality and sustainable living for Thais and Thailand. Mega Bangna will continue to develop our projects. to enhance the retail market of Thailand to compete on the world stage with pride,” concluded Ms. Plinee.


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