Home Business Mega Home … the center of construction materials is good, complete every mechanic work

Mega Home … the center of construction materials is good, complete every mechanic work

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5 May 2021


Organize a great promotion for the mechanic, contractor and home worker with the “Chang Flea Market” event, up to 70% discount from 6 – 16 May 2003, this 11 days only.

Find the best value for money, professional edition with Mega Home event. Artisan MarketA trade fair that gathers building materials, tools and equipment Complete in one place Full with special promotions, discounts, giveaways, exchanges, no mistakes, real giveaways, heavy gold necklaces 2 Dimes !!

Mega Home Center Co., Ltd. The center of construction materials is very good, completing all jobs, the technician organizes the “artisan market” activity to meet the needs of customers, technicians, contractors, project owners, and home workers who want to buy good quality products with cheap standards to save costs More importantly, customers can come to one place and get all the finished items. And home workers who want to improve their homes during this time

Mega Home JobsArtisan Market “ Will be held together at Mega Home All branches nationwide, including the Rangsit branch, Minburi Branch, Bangna Branch, Bowin Branch, Rojana Ayutthaya Branch, Nong Khai Branch, Maesot Branch, Kabinburi Branch, Aranyaprathet Branch, Nakhon Ratchasima Branch, Ban Chang Branch, Nakhon Phanom Branch, Chiang Rai Branch and Hat Yai Branch Since 6 May 2564 – 16 May 2564 Only 11 Only day The event will find special privileges for professional technicians. Both reduce, receive, give, exchange

  • Lower the highest price 70% And more technician members reduce 3% Ready to receive additional reward points 2 As when buying products since 5,000 Baht or more / receipt
  • Get a good promotion in a hard, full style. When shopping according to the conditions, such as immediately receiving a discount coupon at the end of the receipt 1,000 Baht when shop at all 20,000 Baht or more, get the highest value discount 3,200 Baht when shopping for building materials, electrical equipment, lamps, bulbs, complete 150,000 Baht or more or receive the highest Mega Home voucher. 3,500 Baht when shopping for a tank pump 50,000 baht
  • Real deal giveaway heavy gold necklaces 2 Dimes when completing the purchase according to the conditions 300,000 Baht or more
  • Redeem a discount 100 Baht, just use HomeCard membership points 700 Points only

Shop at the event “Chang flea market” answers the needs of contractors with high-priced products such as deformed bars, Pregal Flat pipe, pipe ON, Straw-white cloth, water tank on the ground, automatic pump, welding machine. INVERTER, Electric grinders, aluminum ladders, pallet trucks, sanitary ware and many other mechanical equipment. Along with purchased products 1 Add 1 !! Pick up a free gift at any point of sale, whether it’s a light bulb. LED, Metal cutting blades, hinges, rubber blocks, helmets, exterior paint and more than ten items. Do not miss out on the free gift. Buy now, get free !! Buying a top-loading washing machine, free fryer, buy a cooling fan Plus another cooling fan 1 The whole body also gives more With the right to exchange to buy products at a great price when shopping 2,000 Baht or more / day, always heavy 11 day !!

In addition, the event will also have a special promotion. For leading credit card members Promotion for Mega Home only Krungsri credit card members get value 3 Continue first, redeem points, get discount 10% Per two swipes for full amount, get maximum cash back 18,000 Baht and per three dividends to pay comfortably 0% 6 months, the whole shop and the value goes a step further. One for Mega Home First Choice loan members are eligible for installments. 0% The whole shop for the longest time to 12 Month with a minimum payment of just 300 Baht / month only !! Or choose to receive cash back up to 20,000 Baht and receive many more privileges from credit cards KTC, First Choice, SCB, KBank, Bangkok Bank, Thanachart, etc. Only at the Mega Home fair “Artisan Market” at all branches nationwide From May 6 2564 to 16 May 2564 most special 11 day only

You can follow more news at www.megahome.co.th Or fan page MegahomeCenter Or Line @megahome


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