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Sina Entertainment News Beijing Time on January 29th, according to foreign media reports, the new horror / sci-fi / thriller “Megan” produced by Wen Ziren released a new special feature, “Megan is… a toy? A friend? A teacher ?Family member?Guardian?When an artificial intelligence doll becomes the caretaker of an 8-year-old girl, no one can predict the consequences.

With Allison Williams, Megan is a highly artificial, lifelike toy figure designed to be a child’s best companion and a parent’s safest ally. Crafted by Gemma, a leading roboticist for a toy company, this toy figure learns human behavior through listening and observation to become a friend, teacher, teammate and protector of the children in her care.

At this time, Gemma suddenly became the guardian of her eight-year-old niece Katie who lost her parents. She wasn’t sure and wasn’t ready to be a good parent, and together with the huge pressure of the work, she decided to use the intelligence toy artificial that he designed as a guardian. Even the prototype Megan is paired with Katie, trying to solve two problems with one stone: taking care of Katie, an orphan, and relieving her work pressure. However, her decision has caused unimaginable serious consequences.

A Blumhouse/Universal production, directed by Gerald Johnstone (“The Monkey King”, “Stay Home”).

(Meng Qing)

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