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Megan Zhang Zhang Street pats to max out ins. The woman in love is so beautiful! |Megan|Wearing|Summer_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: Megan Zhang Zhang’s street shot maxed out ins. The woman in love is so beautiful!

I don’t know if you have noticed that Megan Fox has become more and more fashionable recently. Since being with Machine Gun Kelly, not only the appearance and style are immediately available, but also the daily private clothes also cover Chic. Recently, the female star in European and American street photography really has to pay attention to her!

In particular, this waist-waisted suit skirt, one of the most outstanding styles recently, has not been eaten by the clothes at all, and it is easy to hold. The suit skirt comes from Mugler, shoes Jimmy Choo.

The style of the couple going out on the street with the gun brother is more attentive to the details every time. The materials and styles of the clothes of the two have a good echo. The decadent handsome boyfriend fits perfectly with Megan’s wild beauty ❤️ Daily dog ​​food is not ambiguous.

It is not difficult to find that her recent street shooting and modeling have taken her advantage to the extreme, and her style is very malleable, hot and cool. A few sets are really beyond the color!

NO.1 / highlight the waistline

  Megan Fox

Megan used to wear very sporty leggings with snow boots and the like, completely concealing her superior figure. In recent days, most of her styles are also highlighting her waist line, such as high-waist trousers and tucked tops are paving the way for the proud waist line.

Sweater: VERSACE

Especially wrap skirts and leggings are her recent favorites. This gray ALEX PERRY shoulder pad wrap skirt makes her look capable and sexy. The curve is really amazing!

Also from ALEX PERRY’s red suit, the waist details make her proportions better.

NO.2 / Beloved Crop Top

  Megan Fox

Megan has worn a lot of Crop Tops in recent looks, with windbreakers and jackets on the outside. Appropriate exposure not only makes her wheat complexion perfect, but also enhances the overall mix.

The editor loves her the following two sets of daily street-style private clothes, which have a sense of street avant-garde in leisure. The solid color Top can be matched with any single product. Wear sneakers and wide-leg suit pants; wear high heels and fit jeans.

Sweater: Celine

Pants: Acne Studios

Bag: Prada

Sneakers: Golden Goose

Sweater: Isabel Marant


Pants: EB Denim

Shoes: Amina Muaddi

NO.3 / profile and shoulder pads

  Megan Fox

She also added silhouettes and shoulder pads to her daily styling. For example, the suit must be a little shoulder pad; the jacket will deliberately choose a larger size. These two detail elements are also the highlights of the changes in Meghan’s style.

She will deliberately choose a profile top, paired with tighter bottoms or inner wear. In fact, this routine is a bit like a beaver, but the effect is quite good. No matter how sexy you are, a profile coat outside can instantly make you cool.

Jacket: Acne Studios


Bag: BV

Shoes: BV

Coat: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Of course, Megan who is with her boyfriend is not only because of the rise in clothing, the editor feels that the love of love also plays a vital role 😝

In addition to the nourishment of love, in fact, the stylist behind Megan, the famous Maeve Reilly also helped her a lot.

Beaver is a female star in the street photography textbook created by Maeve Reilly. Her cooperation with Beaver has started long ago. Not only has Beaver possessed the established style now, but also her street photography has captured the hearts of countless girls. .

Some time ago, the beavers went to France to screen the styling by Maeve Reilly.

Reilly said before that many people will contact her to express that she wants to be the next Hailey, but she doesn’t want to and doesn’t want to do so. She thinks that every girl is an independent individual, find your own style and stick to it, you don’t need to rely on others anymore.


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