meghan markles necklace in latest look has a special meaning of women power | Megan wearing a necklace that represents the power of women; Fans taking the picture

Prince Harry, the second son of the Charles Diana couple, is married to American actress and model Megan Markle. Megan is also a person who clearly states her position. Megan put forward the argument that everyone in the world has the right to receive the Kovid vaccine at the Global Citizens Wax Live. Not only Megan’s comments live, but Megan’s getup was watched by everyone.

The gown and necklace worn by Megan caught the eye of the fashion world. Megan wore a gown of over one and a half lakhs. Megan wore a Carolina Herrera coral floral shirt dress. The specialty of this dress was the long sleeve and the belt at the waist. The necklace worn by Megan is also a big highlight. It is part of the Women Power Charm necklace series. This is a necklace that represents the strength of women.

The locket on the gold necklace is designed as a symbol of women. The necklace is made of silver and encrusted with fourteen carat gold. The pendant is encrusted with the shape of a fist-wielding hand, the shape of a female Venus, and a purple diamond.



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