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Melon kpop’s top 100 songs have been released 80~100, and IU’s “Night Letter” ranked 82nd_Song

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Original title: Melon kpop 100 songs released 80~100, IU “Night Letter” ranked 82nd

Melon kpop’s 100 songs have been released with 80~100 places, of which the 82nd place is IU “Night Letter”.

When talking about the characteristics of K-POP, there are always some topics mentioned. Whether it’s the gorgeous sound that leads the trend, or the difficult group dance without the slightest error. From this perspective, the artist IU is somewhat different. Because in her songs, it is difficult to find the elements mentioned above, and the overall approach is close to the singer-songwriter. Nevertheless, the reason why she became a representative K-POP artist is because the characteristics of her independent music world have touched many people’s hearts. What makes this possible is the lyrics. I think that her sensibility, which was originally personal but will eventually spread to everyone, played a big role.

“Night Letter” is a song that brings to life the advantages of her mentioned above. The words “pray for a good night’s sleep” by taking the opportunity of insomnia to fall asleep. A true singing that calmly expresses one’s feelings without using good skills. Unlike other singers who pursue instant explosive power, they endow eternal continuity in peace, and carve the preciousness of “music” rooted in life regardless of the passage of time. Maybe this song is a serenade for some people, or a lullaby for others. Therefore, this song is their own germinating seed for each.

Because of keeping a distance from the years, he entered Melon’s “Annual Ranking” for three consecutive years, and occupied the second place in the “Era Ranking” in the 2010s, and his performance has continued to accumulate. In a sense, this may be the result of the accumulation of support given in life. No matter when I listen to it, songs that stay in that position are unexpectedly rare. A representative best-selling work of K-POP that faithfully fulfills its role and is full of vitality.

Ps:kpop 100 famous songs, 20 songs are announced every day for 5 days.


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