Memory that forgets nothing; A genius who had a weapon in his hand to overcome any crisis

Innocent called at eleven o’clock at night and asked: ‘Can I have two blue plastic sheets?’


‘Yes, before dawn’.

Without waiting for an answer, he began to explain: ‘Satyan’s son’s film (Sathyan Anthikad) released today is popular. Fahadh Faasil, the second of the twins, has been roped in to make the film. In other words, there are three commercial directors in the same house. With that, their behavior will change. We don’t know anything. If I pitched a tent in front of his perch before dawn, all three would see me when I came out. Then some role will be given. There is no other way. When I became an MP, all the bribes I received were gone…’

The joy of his best friend’s son’s popular movie keeps Innocent awake at 11 pm Like that’s innocent. Any planter can find happiness anywhere. Most of the time he would call Mohanlal, Priyadarshan and Sathyan Anthikad to narrate the story. Priyadarshan often asked him where he got such stories from.

Even when he was infected and taken to the ICU during the Covid period, Innocent shouted: ‘It’s a competition between cancer and Covid. Nobody has won yet. The rest of the game is in the ICU and I will be the referee. See you when you come back.’

He behaved with the same attitude even during his rejoicing. When Kodiyeri came to see Balakrishnan a month after he was elected MP, he said: ‘There is a small problem at home. We must help.’

Kodiyeri asked what is the problem.

LC will call every morning. Eight and ten LC. As it has become a habit, his wife Alice is afraid. She is afraid that I have started a new relationship after joining our party.’

Kodiyeri got up and embraced him and said:

‘LC will no longer call. If you get a call from DC, go.’

The CPM Local Committee is called LC in party parlance. It became difficult for Innocent as the calls for the program started coming continuously. The woman has to pick up the phone too. There was also the discomfort of the disease. Doctors had also warned that travel would be a problem. With that, the committee was instructed not to call Innocent directly to the programme. Its programs are decided by the District Committee (DC).

Two days before Amma’s show is to be held in Dubai, when everyone starts flying from Kochi, we get the information that Innocent is not coming. He also said not to tell anyone for now.

When called, Innocent said: ‘Alice has the same wish, which is to be like me.’

‘Let my sister come to Dubai too.’

‘No, I have cancer. For a few days now, Vashi has been saying that she wants him too. When I had my checkup two days ago, I realized it was cancer. He is now at home happily. It wouldn’t be right if I came at this happy time.’

Innocent was the kind of person who laughed even when suffering was imminent. There is no fear.

Before presenting the nomination papers for the election, he went to his father’s grave and prayed. On his return he said privately, ‘It is good that you are in the grave. He would have been held accountable for wasting his time by going to a person without a vote and seeking blessings.’

A Malayalam director got Rs 10 lakh through a court order in a fight with film societies. He got it as a reward for having his name in the story of a film released 25 years ago. The story was later sold into many languages. In fact, he was the co-director and had nothing to do with the story. Named by someone for friendship. When everyone made fun, Innocent said, ‘I won’t make fun. Because this is the money God gave him. God will ask if I cheat, I will give my money to whoever I want. Who should he ask this to? With that, the money I get will be cut.’

Innocent’s photography was a memory. Even fourth grade material was remembered at age 70. On hearing the name of the children sitting on each bench, Mohanlal once asked, ‘Can you tell me from the first bench back’? Innocent said flawlessly. After two hours, when I asked him again, Innocent told me without making a single mistake.

He remembered the names of teachers, classmates, people he walked with, church fathers and even the names of three people who were municipal secretary when he was a councillor. He used to visit teachers in their homes. He surprised many teachers by appearing in Bengaluru, Wayanad and California.

During cancer treatment, when many people sent me medicine in powders and vials, he threw it all under the plants. Always follow approved medical opinion only.

He asked for permission to step down several times while his mother was elected president several times. Not one person is supported. He helped the sick and the needy. When Amma was dragged into an unnecessary controversy, she said, ‘There will be no press conference after Amma’s meeting, just tea and cake.’

Innocent often rewarded the actors by recalling those who drowned without paying. He called the actors who said they couldn’t voice over without being paid and asked them to cooperate. Innocent was ready for any compromise to release the film.

When Mohanlal and Mammootty quarreled with Sukumar Azhik for various reasons, Innocent called Sukumar Azhik on the phone one day. With that he calmed down. Innocent had a weapon to overcome any crisis; He learned cleverness from the streets and among the people.

Innocent was the one who always settled the dispute in star families. You will listen to what both have to say for hours. In the end, Innocent will be the one to decide. For many, he was the reason for the family. He was a keeper of secrets.

Once during a safari in Africa, the vehicle he was riding in was swamped by heavy rain. It started to rain well. As night fell, everyone in the van began to pray. Innocent just sat there as if nothing had happened. It is a place where wild animals come. There is no escape route in the area. Due to the heavy rain, the wireless radio in the van was also damaged. Seeing Innocent’s expression, his wife Alice became angry.

‘Alice,’ said Innocent, ‘it will be a great name for the family in the future if any beast comes and knocks us both down. If you die from a bull or dog bite in Iringalakuda or Kochi, who cares? If it happens here, generations will say that our father was caught by a tiger in Africa. It will be a big name.’ Innocent was smiling even when death was imminent.

Mohanlal said, ‘He had an accident in his childhood and lost some fluid in his brain. If he had then, he would have captured India.”He was close to Shivaji Ganesan, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajkumar, NT Rama Rao, Nageswara Rao, Rajinikanth and even a boy who appeared in a Malayalam film. Every time he came home from the hospital, Innocent would call at night. Start by saying ‘This schedule is over..’ This time there is no schedule left. That name doesn’t appear on the phone of many people who need it at night.

Singing Innocent

Although not a singer, Innocent has sung in a few films. In 1990, he sang the song ‘Anachantham Ganapati Melachantam’ in the film ‘Gajakesariogam’ and the song ‘Kandallo Ponkurishullaru’ in the film ‘Sandram’ to the tune of Johnson.

In 2000, he sang the song ‘Kunuku Fennymaniye’ for the film ‘Mr Butler’ in the tune of Vidyasagar, in 2012 he sang ‘Sundara Keralam Namnak’ in the music of Santhosh Verma in the film ‘Doctor Innocent’ and in 2021 he sang the songs ‘Samagarisa’ in the movie ‘Tsunami’.

Do you know this?

Films produced by Innocent in association with David Kachapalli

1981 – Vidaparaum Pravabe – Directed by Mohan

1982 – Ilakamal – Directed by Mohan

1982 – To Remember – Directed by Bharathan

1983 – Death of Lekha in Flashback – Directed by KG George

1986 – Oru Katha Oru Nunakatha – Directed by Mohan

Paavam IA Aivachan and Keerthanam were written by Innocent.

The films Doctor Pashupati, Inchakadan Matthai and Sakshal Sriman Chathunni starred in the title role of Innocent.

English Summary: Remember actor Innocent


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