Men’s Basketball Japan National Team announces pre-registered members for 5 qualifying matches in Doha to participate in the Asian Cup –Basketball Count |

Expedition members will be announced after the 11th “from the perspective of information management for this tournament”

The Japan Basketball Association has announced 24 pre-registered members to compete in the Asian Cup qualifiers in Doha from February 18th to 23rd.

FIBA has changed the qualifying to a central holding system in response to the situation where home and away qualifying cannot be held due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Initially, Group B, including Japan, was announced to be held in Tokyo, but this was withdrawn and will be held in Doha. A training camp will be held from February 11th, and will be moved to the site by charter aircraft before dawn on February 14th.

The 24 members this time are all domestic teams playing in the B League. The training camp from February 11th means that we will not be able to participate in the B League match for a while after tomorrow’s match. There are 12 entry members in the tournament, and they will be selected from these 24 members. The members participating in the expedition will be announced after February 11th, “from the viewpoint of information management for this tournament”.

24 candidates from Japan

Ira Brown (PF / Osaka Evessa)
Atsuya Ota (C / San-en Neo-Phoenix)
Kosuke Takeuchi (PF / Utsunomiya Brex)
Joji Takeuchi (PF / Alvark Tokyo)
Takatoshi Furukawa (SG / Akita Northern Happinets)
Gavin Edwards (PF / Chiba Jets)
Ryusei Shinoyama (PG / Kawasaki Brave Thunders)
Kosuke Kanamaru (SG / Seahorses Mikawa)
Naoto Tsuji (SG / Kawasaki Brave Thunders)
Ryan Rossiter (PF / Utsunomiya Brex)
Chambers Aki (SF / Yokohama B-Corsairs)
Yuya Nagayoshi (PF / Kyoto Hannaryz)
Daiki Tanaka (SG / Alvark Tokyo)
Tenketsu Harimoto (SF / Nagoya Diamond Dolphins)
Seiya Ando (PG / Alvark Tokyo)
Kosuke Hashimoto (SF / Toyama Grouses)
Yuki Togashi (PG / Chiba Jets)
Leo Vendrame (PG / Sun Rockers Shibuya)
Shuto Ando (SG / Nagoya Diamond Dolphins)
Takuya Hashimoto (SG / Osaka Evessa)
Keita Imamura (SF / Ryukyu Golden Kings)
Avi Schafer (C / Seahorses Mikawa)
Isaia Murphy (SG / Hiroshima Dragonfly)
Yudai Nishida (SG / Niigata Albirex BB)



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