Men’s football under-20 Asian Cup qualifiers Chinese team on

Men’s football under-20 Asian Cup qualifiers Chinese team on

2022-09-19 09:58:08Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua | The Arab team, but still qualified for second place in the group with the five best results.

A Chinese team and a Saudi team are in the game. The photo is from the AFC’s official website

In this game, the Chinese team formed a 451 formation. The main attacker, No. 7 Eiffeldin, rushed forward to attack the opponent’s defense line. The general tactics were mainly defense and counterattack. The formation of the Saudi team is relatively advanced, relying on skillful passing and cutting coordination to stimulate the Chinese team’s defense line to look for breakthrough opportunities.

The only goal of the game came in the last minute of stoppage time in the first half and the Saudi team scored through a corner kick from Suleiman.

According to the qualification rules of the U20 Men’s Football Asian Cup qualifiers, the first 10 groups and the second group with the 5 best scores will advance. After this match, the Saudi team came first in the group with 9 points in all 3 games, and the Chinese team was second in the group with 2 wins and 1 loss with 6 points, while still 6 goal difference, thereby securing the qualification for promotion.

The U-20 Men’s Asian Cup final will be held in Uzbekistan next year.

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