Meow review: soubin shahir salim kumar and mamta mohandas starrer meow movie review rating, Rating: { 2.5/5}

Cat’s recognition, ‘meow’ that tells the story of family relationships! Lost Lal Jose Magic!
Jeans K Benny

Lal Jose’s films were not written down considering the number of victories and defeats. Lal Jose’s films featured a handful of songs that never faded even after the film’s failure. But in the meanwhile, Lal Jose’s films have not been able to satisfy the expectations of the audience. The films, which did not even present a single memorable song, were a huge disappointment to the fans of Lal Jose films.

After Vikramaditya, ‘Meow’ was hoping that Iqbal Kuttipuram’s script would join Lal Jose. With Dubai, a Dubai-themed film starring Saubin Shahir and Mamta Mohandas, the hope of giving a heartwarming cinematic experience is dashed when we leave the theater two hours and twenty minutes later.

The theatrical release was followed by several shows that were canceled due to lack of manpower, leaving room for a small number of people in the theater.
If the earlier Lal Jose films were the reason why people did not reach the theater on the first day, then in the later days the film was less crowded due to the performance of Lal Jose who lost the touch of Lal Jose.

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The film tells the life of Dostoevsky, affectionately known as Dostoevsky by his friends. Set entirely in Dubai, the film tells the story of Dastakir (Saubin) and his wife Sulekha (Mamta Mohandas). Their marriage, family life, quarrels, quarrels and so on.

Soub’s performance is unstoppable when the storyline goes on without a hitch, with no ups and downs at the same pace. The question also arises as to how far the character of Dastakir can play the role of Saubin, let alone some of the performances in the emotional scenes. Dastakir’s character could not communicate Saub’s mannerisms.

Harishree Yusuf, who portrayed the character of Chandraton differently from the regular comedians, is a different presence in the meow. At the beginning of the film, Jameela is portrayed as a very mysterious character. The director does not care about the story development. So it is with the cat Diana. Although the director often creates the cat with background music and frames, it also goes nowhere in the story.

At the end of the story, the cat becomes an indicator of the identity of the family.
The only thing that could have been written about Mamta Mohandas in filmography was the name of a Lal Jose film. The film discusses many topics such as family, friendship, religion and parenting. But the movie only catches the audience’s attention in its final hours. Until then, the journey of the film does not reach the audience.

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The music department did not support the film much. It is also disappointing that there was not a single song in the film that could be remembered or heard on the way out of the theater. Meow’s music is handled by Justin Varghese. Ajmal Sabu’s cinematography captures the visual beauty of Lal Jose films.

The main challenge Mao faces is not being able to penetrate deep into the minds of the audience. Saub’s performance is also a factor. Saubin has often proven that his violent and loud characters are a challenge to him. Here again, the situation is no different.

Along with the lack of a good script, the loss of Lal Jose magic in the songs is also a setback for Lal Jose films. The Book of Revelation, The Book of Revelation, Achuthan, and Forty-One were the only films to benefit from the song. Meow reminds me that he has to be careful to maintain the brand value of Lal Jose.



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