Meowy, who is doing Pilates in leggings, has been properly certified as ‘the king of the pelvis’

The webtoon ‘Goddess Advent’ Meowy posted a photo on social media with a hot reaction. It was because his superior pelvis was revealed at a glance.

Below is Meowy’s Instagram

On the 21st, the writer Meowy posted several photos on his Instagram along with the words, “Class with the teacher is so fun and good.”

The published photo shows the artist Meow, who is absorbed in the Pilates class with the teacher.

On this day, he showed off his S-line body by taking a mirror selfie in light blue leggings that fit snugly to his body. Her narrow waist and her unbelievably wide pelvis drew admiration.

Here, a small face and a glamorous body that are all covered with a mask caught the eye. He also drew attention by showing off his flexibility, core, and balance while leaning on the equipment.

Netizens who saw the photo posted on the artist’s Instagram account, “Swap me with a pretty body”, “It’s a doll”, “Wannabe body”, “Perfect itself”, “You’re so pretty”, “I’d believe you even if you were a Pilates instructor” , “You seem to be the best these days,” and so on.

Earlier, the writer Meowy surprised everyone by verifying that he was about 170 cm tall and weighed 47 kg through SNS.

On the other hand, Meowy writer is actively communicating with fans by posting unrealistic body like the main character of a webtoon and daily photos on social media.

Recently, he has been attracting attention by continuing his love affair with webtoon writer Jeon Seon-wook, who is in a public relationship.



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