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Mercedes F1 “Hamilton couldn’t match Perez’s tire protection”[F1-Gate.com]

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James Hamilton, chief strategist at Mercedes F1, said at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton couldn’t imitate Sergio Perez’s (Red Bull Honda) strategy.

Sergio Perez, who started the race from 8th place, went up in the ranking and finished the race in 4th place. It was also thanks to the excellent pace with soft tires at the end of the first stint.

Sergio Perez, who temporarily took the lead with the previous driver pitting in, became one of the fastest drivers on the track despite the old soft tires and succeeded in overcutting.

Lewis Hamilton, one of the drivers preyed on Sergio Perez’s overcut, complains that the team didn’t let him stay out longer.

James Bowles, chief strategist at Mercedes F1, said it wouldn’t have worked because Lewis Hamilton couldn’t protect the tires as much as Sergio Perez, who is famous for his tire abilities.

“Of course, when the tires come in, you can check for wear,” James Bowles said in a YouTube report on the Mercedes F1.

“You can scrape off dirt and pickups from the tires on the surface and measure specific holes to determine how much rubber remains.”

“He did a very good job of saving the front tires in very good condition, but the rear wasn’t. The rear was similar to Valtteri’s and would have been a problem.”

“It’s just a small estimate, and of course no one knows, but maybe I could have done a few more laps, but I’m sure I couldn’t do 10 laps. Somewhere between those numbers. It’s hard to tell how fast you ran. “

“I can say for sure that the pace at the end of the Red Bull stint was outstanding compared to the field and us, especially when it came to Perez, and couldn’t have been achieved given our wear. “

For Lewis Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas, things got worse and he was forced to retire from a race where he could comfortably take second place due to a pit stop problem. The team was unable to remove the right front tire when changing tires.

Asked if Mercedes F1 considered accepting the penalty for failing to run the two compounds, sending Valtteri Bottas back in tires, James Bowles said, “Then you’ll be disqualified immediately.” Said.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t do that. We could have put Valtteri back on track, but he would have been disqualified,” added James Bowles.

“Under regulation, two sets of dry tires must be used in the race, the compounds in all four corners must match, and doing so would result in disqualification. May become “

“If you think about it, it’s a matter of course. In Monaco, for example, if you have an additional pit stop or a 30-second penalty, you can choose not to enter, but that situation is clearly covered.”

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