Mercedes F1 National Team “Teams need to avoid going back and forth between mania and depression”[F1-Gate .com]

Toto Wolff, team head of Mercedes F1, says his team needs to avoid going back and forth between “manic and depression” in the 2021 form.

In the previous F1 US Grand Prix, the active world champion team Mercedes suffered the second defeat since 2014 at the Circuit of the Americas, which has been a stronghold.

Red Bull Honda’s Max Verstappen has expanded his championship lead to Lewis Hamilton to 12 points with his eighth win of the season. Red Bull Honda also narrowed the gap with Mercedes to 23 points at the Constructors’ Championship.

F1 is heading to Mexico this weekend. The Hermanos Rodriguez circuit in the highlands is a track where Red Bull Honda has traditionally had an advantage over Mercedes.

Toto Wolff called on the team to focus on “drawing” a lot of performance from the Mercedes W12 in order to win the title’s glory in the last five races of the season.

“We need to be careful not to go back and forth between mania and depression in the team all the time. Instead, we have to better understand our machines,” Toto Wolff said.

“I never thought I shouldn’t do this, but it was also important in Austin not to get ahead after Friday.”

“The general feedback was that Mercedes was dominant and how Red Bull would come out against it, and after fast-forwarding 24 hours, it was going in the opposite direction. Utilizing the machine as a product, the product I think it’s important how you can adjust and produce performance. That makes the difference between winning and losing. ”

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