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Mercedes F1 “Red Bull RB16B’s weakness is rear tire degradation”[F1-Gate.com]

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Mercedes F1 believes that the main weakness of Red Bull Honda’s F1 machine “RB16B” is the degradation of the rear tires compared to the “neutral” Mercedes W11 on the day of the final.

Max Verstappen has shown an excellent single lap pace in qualifying on the 2021 F1 machine Red Bull Honda RB16B, leading the most laps in the final, but the four races that have been held so far. Of these, Mercedes F1 and Lewis Hamilton have won three races.

Andrew Shoblin, trackside engineering director for Mercedes F1, examines how the F1 Spanish Grand Prix unfolded for Mercedes last weekend, and the relative weakness in the race trim of the Red Bull Honda RB16B is the degradation of the rear tires. It was considered to be due to.
But while Andrew Shoblin has an edge over Red Bull Honda in the tires sector, it’s a small advantage and not all can be enjoyed at n venues.

“We’re not at the stage where we still have a better race car or think it’s better to work on the tires,” Andrew Shoblin explained.

“In fact, it’s pretty hard to say that the Spanish Grand Prix was right. We were able to run behind them. I’m the lead car and someone is clinging to the gearbox throughout the stint. Is usually not good news. “

“But we’re still in the process of collecting data on various tracks, but there’s a slight tendency for us to have a slightly more neutral machine.”

“While we’re using both axles well, their car seems a bit tough on the rear tires over the stint, but is it really a feature of the car or is it due to our setup method? Please, let’s take a closer look at the data. “

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Red Bull F1 team principal Christian Horner agrees with Andrew Shoblin’s view, but argues that the gap between the two rivals is still very tight.

“I think the Mercedes race pace we’ve seen since Bahrain was better than we’ve seen at each Grand Prix so far,” said Christian Horner.

“I think their degradation was better than us. We knew these last two circuits would take advantage of their strengths. They had achieved that.”

“But we’re much closer than ever, and if we can find more race paces, I think the space between the two cars is still very tight.”

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