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Christian Horner, the head of the Mercedes F1 team, criticized Fernando Alonso’s run at the Monaco Grand Prix at an “F2” pace. But Alonso says, “He has nothing to do with me.”

Lewis Hamilton ran behind Fernando Alonso when the race resumed after the red flag of Mick Schumacher’s horrific crash. However, Alonso in 7th place ran at an extremely slow pace, and Hamilton, who was a few seconds faster, could not be overtaken, and the possibility of competing for 6th place slowly disappeared.

Toto Wolff was dissatisfied with the development.

“A five-second difference is like a difference with an F2 car,” Toto Wolff told GP Fans.

“It’s a great spectacle, a great venue, and it’s always great to be here.”

“But we may need to consider the layout. Basically, you can’t overtake even if you have a car running 5 seconds slower.”

Toto Wolff believes that the battle with Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso’s pace, which was penalized for a five-second contact accident, sacrificed the possibility of Lewis Hamilton finishing above eighth. There is.

“Of course,” said Toto Wolff.

“First of all, there was an incident where Esteban was penalized.”

“He might have been right there and closed Rand’s pit stop window, or he might have fought Rand and George in front of him. He had that much pace.

“Regulation is regulation and there is nothing to say. We can see another lesson that track position is all about Monaco.”

Fernando Alonso initially worked on the tires, but when he was ready to push, Lewis Hamilton explained that he wasn’t following him.

“We had to do tire management,” said Fernando Alonso.

“We were worried that medium tires could give our car a lot of graining. We were working on the tires for the first 10 or 15 laps.”

“Then, when Esteban was told he had to make a five-second gap, he pushed again, but at that point Hamilton didn’t want to push Esteban to keep him behind.”

Fernando Alonso, who was reported to have frustrated Lewis Hamilton at his pace, replied that it was “not my problem” and added that it was “very easy” to keep Mercedes in check.

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