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Toto Wolff, the team representative of Mercedes F1, is “furious” at the F1 team representative meeting in Montreal. It is reported that the situation was in line with the legendary explosion after the controversial ruling that determined the 2021 championship.

At a meeting to discuss issues, including a crackdown on “populating” by the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation), Toto Wolff told Red Bull’s F1 team representative Christian Horner “a sudden outburst of emotions,” sources said. “.

Red Bull Racing’s top management believes that the FIA’s “nonsense” crackdown was driven by the Mercedes F1 in a ground effect car.

Today, (Lewis) Hamilton got out of the car right away,” said Helmut Marko, Red Bull F1 Motorsports Advisor, referring to Lewis Hamilton, who took third place on the podium at the F1 Canadian Grand Prix.

“It looks like it’s a lot easier on his back when he’s on the podium.”

“One team, Mercedes, has the biggest problem and the FIA ​​responded in the middle of the season,” said Christian Horner.

“It’s true that it’s not well thought out that people are now trying to give the FIA ​​the power to actually decide on a car setup.”

“It’s unfair to make rule changes in the middle of the season because one team couldn’t reach their goal.”

There was clearly fireworks when Christian Horner and other team representatives, including 2022 F1 championship rival Ferrari Mattia Binott, fought Toto Wolff at a meeting in Montreal.

One source even wondered if Toto Wolff’s ferocious reaction at the meeting was “because the Netflix camera was on.”

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“This situation is clearly overkill,” Toto Wolff claimed.

“The principals of teams trying to play political games are dishonest. Mercedes isn’t the only one suffering in any way.”

“But these telco games are a bit difficult because these operations are done in the background.”
However, Helmut Marko denied that Red Bull’s stance on this issue was purely for competitive reasons, in addition to the long-term health hazards of drivers, including Max Verstappen.

“Drivers are one of the biggest assets we have,” Helmut Marko told the ORF.

“We make sure they are in the best condition.”

Helmut Marko also warned that Mercedes F1’s strategy, which wants to change the rules, may backfire.

“All parameters are too risky,” Helmut Marko said.

“You’re leaving yourself to the chance, but it will mainly affect the team that complains most about it.”

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