Mercedes F1 representative, white flag on the F1 throne in 2022 “The train has already left the station”[F1-Gate .com]

Mercedes F1 seemed to close the gap between Red Bull and Ferrari in recent races, but team representative Toto Wolff says Mercedes F1 will not win the title in 2022.

Mercedes F1 has won the Constructors’title for eight consecutive years until last year and seven drivers’ titles in eight years, but it lags behind Red Bull and Ferrari in the 2022 new generation F1 machine that was reborn as a ground effect car. ing.

Toto Wolff admits that the Mercedes F1 will not expand the Constructors’ title in a row in 2022.

Asked if the Mercedes F1 had a chance to win the title in 2022, Toto Wolff told Speedweek, “No, the train left the station long ago.”

Toto Volg has modestly hoped for the Mercedes F1 title, but Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finished third and fourth in the previous Canadian Grand Prix and were among the top teams in recent races. The gap with the car is closing.

“Montreal has always been a good place for Lewis and he was really strong in a car that wasn’t easy to master. You can be happy about it,” Toto Wolff said.

“The pace was good, especially in the race when the tires started to finish.

“At that stage of the Grand Prix, we were even closer to Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz. That was great.”

“I think the fewer bumps on a truck, the better for us.”

Toto Wolff also praised the consistency of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Both have finished in all races so far in 2022, and Russell has all finished in the top five.

“The last two weeks of the weekend in Baku and Montreal show that the team has a collective spirit to score solid points, even if they don’t have the speed to challenge the top guys. “There is,” said Toto Wolff.

Toto Wolff added that he hopes the team will continue to rise towards the British Grand Prix next weekend at Silverstone, where Mercedes has won eight of the last nine years.

“Silverstone has always been a good circuit for us, but the question is whether it applies to new cars,” Toto Wolff said.

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