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Merkel “Deportation of diplomats, show that Russia is not a rule of law”

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel accused German Prime Minister Angela Merkel of taking part in a protest calling for the release of Navalni on the 5th and making a decision to expel diplomats.

According to the AFP news agency, Prime Minister Merkel said, “We don’t think this deportation is justified,” he said. “It’s another aspect right now that shows Russia quite far away from the rule of law.”

On this day, the Russian government announced that it would deport diplomats from Sweden, Germany and Poland, saying they had participated in the protests in support of the detained dissident Alexey Navalni.

The move came a few hours after Joseph Borrell, a senior European Union head of foreign and security policy on a visit to Russia, met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and called for Navalni’s release. Sweden also protested that the allegations that diplomats participated in the protests were unfounded. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that diplomats of their own countries attended the protests as observers, but did not actively step out. “Monitoring the state of political development in the host country is a natural part of the diplomatic’s core mission.”

(Seoul = News 1)

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