“Mertens” two! Napoli excited, Lazio escaping Milan, leading singles

“Azzura” Napoli chased the score in the first half. Before leading a single roll, the end wins. Lazio 4-0 moved three points clear of Milan to mark the one year anniversary of Diego Maradona’s passing during the Italian Serie A clash. Sunday, November 28

Stadium : Diego Armando Maradona

Serie A Italian Serie A football on Sunday, November 28, past “Azzura” Napoli just lost their first game in the league, Luciano Spatletti urged the team to come back to win. Leading the singles group after AC Milan lost in the evening, they are without “Osimhen”, who suffered a serious injury for about three months, wearing the name “Insigne” to deal with “White Eagle” Lazio at With old home boss Maurizio Sarri only wanting “Immobile-Pedro” ready to go, before the game a statue of the club’s legendary Diego Maradona, who has passed away for a year, was unveiled before the game. on thursday

Irving Lozano receives the ball and dunks it into the penalty area. The visiting team’s defensive line helps to intercept. Unfortunately, it turned out that Piotr Zielinski hit the ball with full force into the net. The host was quick 1-0, only the first seven minutes.

Just three minutes later, Azzura was torn 2-0 10, with Fabian Ruiz putting the ball out on the left, Lorenzo Insigne hooking in to draw a short Dries Mertens. Dodges Francesco Acherby before touching Patrick away and shining in the penalty area through Pepe Reina’s hand.

The game lapses in the 24th minute. Lorenzo Insigne tries to spin the ball open to the right post, El Cid Hisaj shields the ball before Hirving Lozano will reach, almost misses. Pepe Reina stands close. acceptable angle

White Eagles score twice in a row Sergey Milinkovic-Savic Put the ball floating in front of the penalty area. Luis Alberto hit the water, the ball was curved, David Ospina flew out after the ultimate. Before the next corner shot, Francesco Acherby headed the ball onto the crossbar again in the 25th minute.

The host fleeing far in the 29th minute, Fabian Ruiz drops the ball for Herving Lozano waiting on the right side of the penalty area, flowing back to Dries Mertens, spinning the ball in one stroke, tucking the net on the left like beautiful The rest of the first half, nothing more, after 45 minutes, Napoli led the score to 3-0.

Match of the second half in the 58th minute, Herving Lozano sent the ball to Piotr Zielinski, blocking the Blue and White Eagles defensive line. Before the Napoli midfielder dunked the shot from the left, Mario Rui pushed it high and was beaten by Pepe Reina.

Twenty minutes at the end of the game, the home team dominated the game clearly, even though the Blue and White Eagles changed the players, debugging. But becoming the Azzura side, the fourth seed of the game from Fabian Ruiz shines far out of the box, Pepe Reina fell down, but couldn’t help. End of the game, Napoli defeated Lazio 4-0, moving the point. Three points clear of Milan celebrate the one year anniversary of Diego Maradona’s passing.

List of players on the field

Napoli (4-2-3-1): David Ospina, Giovanni D Lorenzo, Amir Rahmani, Kalidou Koulibaly, Mario Rui (Fauci Gulom 86), Stanislav Lobotka, Fabian Ruiz (Gevin Malgui, 86), Herving Lozano (Eliv Elmas, 64), Piotr Zielinski (Diego Demme 73), Lorenzo Insigne, Dries Mertens (Andrea Petanya 64)

Lazio (4-3-3): Pepe Reina, Patrick (Manuel Lazzari 46), Luiz Felipe, Francesco. Asherby, El Cid Hisage, Sergey Milinkovic-Savic (Toma Basiz, 61), Danilo Caltaldi (Lucas Leiva, 75), Luis Alberto, Felipe Pae Anderson (Mattia Saccayi 55), Ciro Immobile, Pedro Rodriguez (Raul Moro, 76)

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