Message Birthday was Blac Gyna For Rob Kardashian Simple But Sweet In The Best Way

Who can forget the play Blac Chyna, Robert Kardahian 2016-2017? ICYMI, Kardashian and Cyna had a close relationship leading to a reality show, participation, child, and ending in an explosive collapse. It was enough, but it is a good thing, the whole play between Cyna and Kardashian seems to have been in a while, making way for their 2-year-old Dream daughter; the age of his fellow parents is peaceful. Blac Chyna's birthday message was that Rob Kardashian was simply still sweet, and showed that they were putting their families first and their past behind them.

It was Kardashian's 10th birthday last Sunday, and Cyna took Instagram to give her dad a happy birthday. She wrote, "Happy birthday Rob," and later a clover emoji and smiley face surrounded by emoji hearts. Khloé Kardashian gave a sweet picture of Dream cutting her dad's birthday cake before she looked at Cyna. It is safe to say that the parents were sure to have a fair share of fractures and difficulties, but it seems that they have put a Dream in front of anything else, which is honorable.

In February Both 2018, Cyna and Kardashian both knocked on their co-operation with their daughter, and the update was delighted. "Both Angela and I are active in jointism and there are no pending or active custody cases," Kardashian put tweeted after her TMZ A report claimed that they were still going through another custody battle. I reply to Kardashian tweet, Says Cyna and he wrote, "Robert's only concern for me is the goodness of our daughter that we also have two love. In addition, Robert is a great father for our Belt." ! ☘️ "

Cyna and Kardashian started in January 2016, according to Weekly Pool. Just two months later, the couple inspired rumors after Kardashian had destroyed all of Cyna's photos from his Instagram account, and Cyna meme put the job in the job. In April 2016, the couple surprised everyone by announcing their announcement, and a month later, Cyna put a picture of her Instagram telling the world they were expecting their first child. In July 2016, there were rumors that Cyna and Kardashian were again broken up after an "explosive fight," which was later shown on their reality show, t Rob & Cyna. However, the couple agreed to work through, and in November 2016, they welcomed their baby, Dream.

After numerous breaks and multiple points, in July 2017, there were really ugly things when Kardashian provided clear pictures of her former bride on Instagram. In response, wrote Cyna on Snapchat, "did Rob u do all this but u did beat me and try to act [like] it never happened !!!!! U sent me, I swore a god !!!!! On my children but I'm going to be quiet because you're Kardashian. Parenting dream.

So, while these two were not always on the best terms, the same cannot be said about how they feel about their baby Dream. If Cyna's birthday shows that Kardashian nothing for us, it's that they are on good terms now, and they left their rocky time where it belongs – in the past.

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