Messi and his team lift the cup in Qatar! Viral Prediction | Messi is Qatar 2022: The full Argentina World Cup preview

Only a month and a half to wait for the Qatar World Cup. The football world is eager to see who will win the world crown.

Brazil’s Neymar and France’s Mbappe lead the World Cup favourites. But now a London stockbroker’s prediction has gone viral. Joachim Clement says that recent football legend Lionel Messi and his team will lift the cup in Qatar.

Kement correctly predicted that Germany will win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and France will win the 2018 World Cup in Russia. With this, football fans began to believe his prediction. He also says that Harry Kane’s England will be the opponents in the final battle on Qatar soil.

Kemen’s prediction criteria are not only the sports excellence of the respective countries. It is also worth noting that the forecast takes into account socio-economic values ​​such as GDP, population and the country’s temperature.

Anyway, fans of the Latin American country and Messi are praying that Kemen’s prediction will come true.

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