Messi is paid twice as much as he gets; Ronaldo’s reason for leaving Real out; Report

Messi is paid twice as much as he gets; Ronaldo’s reason for leaving Real out; Report

After winning a third consecutive Champions League title, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid, surprising the fans.

Many people thought that the player joined the Italian club Juventus in order to gain new playing experiences, but that is not the real reason, according to the report.

According to the Spanish media report El Mundo, Ronaldo was upset with Lionel Messi’s huge salary in Barcelona and then decided to leave Real.

According to the report, Rono asked his former agent, Jorge Mendes, to investigate the matter and Mendes was investigating the matter.

Mendes asked about this with the president of Barça at the time. Bartomeu replied that he would not reveal the amount of the salary, but that they pay Messi twice what Real Madrid pays Ronaldo.

After learning this information, Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid. Then in 2018, Juventus bought the player by paying 100 million euros. Ronaldo was paid more at Juventus than he was at Real Madrid.

Agent Jorge Mendes had no interest in the player leaving Real Madrid. Mendes hoped that if he had stayed at Real, Roanoke could have excelled and won two more Ballon d’Ors.

Roanoke, who moved from Juventus to Manchester United, was unable to return to his old form. Then in January, Ronaldo left Europe and signed a two-year deal with Saudi Arabian club Al Nasser.

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