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[Newyddion Cwpan y Byd]Argentina striker Lionel Messi won his first career trophy at the Qatar World Cup.

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Vissel Kobe’s Andrés Iniesta talks about Argentina forward Lionel Messi’s World Cup win.

Messi captained Argentina in the Qatar World Cup. Although they lost to Saudi Arabia in the first game, the team continues to make good progress from there, led by the same player. Then, in the final, they defeated France on penalties to win the World Cup for the third time in 36 years.

Messi has won the Ballon d’Or a record seven times, but has failed to win the last four World Cups. Still, winning the tournament is considered to have confirmed his title as the best player of all time.

Iniesta, who played alongside Messi at Barcelona during the club’s golden years, told ESPN of his former team-mate who won his first career World Cup: “Whether he wins the World Cup or not , he is the best for me.’ and continued below.

“I think the fact that he won the World Cup is a huge source of happiness for him. To win the World Cup with their style makes this victory well deserved. Of course, to win the World Cup. Anyway, I I’m sure those who do. “Don’t see Messi as the best who will find excuses to continue to hold that view.”

He also said on the World Cup final between Argentina and France: “I think it was the best final ever in terms of goals, emotions and everything that happened in the game. It was definitely an amazing game for the fans and he deserved the World Cup final.” Iniesta also spoke about his home team, Spain, who were eliminated in the round of 16.

“I think we should continue with the style of play model (to increase possession). If we can give 100%, then the style of the play model is good. He lacked other elements to win against him

“I think the idea should be kept alive. Every game is different and we have to find solutions for every game. It will always be, if (Pablo) Sarabia had scored in the end, this discussion might not have happened.”

“We were all disappointed by the loss, but these experiences will help us learn and improve.”

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