Messi on Manchester City’s best player, not the scorer Haaland

Manchester City has become the strongest club in England due to its excellence in performance. After reaching the final of the FA Cup with three Premier League titles to their name, City have also secured a final berth in the Champions League.

Erling Haaland is Manchester City’s top scorer this season. The player scored 52 goals this season, breaking several records. Another shining star at City is Kevin De Bruyne. Bruin continues to show his ability with more assists.

But Messi sees another player as the best player at Manchester City. When Citiel asked him to name the player who impressed him the most, he chose Julian Alvarez. Messi praised Alvarez’s ability to score goals and called him a ‘beast of prey’. Messi praised Alvarez in an interview with Sky Sports.

‘Julie is a very attractive actress. The truth is that Julie has gone a step further lately. His growth was amazing. To be honest, no one expected its growth. He’s an ‘animal’,’ said Messi.

Alvarez moved to Manchester City from River Plate last summer. Alvarez is the only player to score in every game he has played for Manchester City. Alvarez has already become one of coach Pep Guardiola’s favorite players.

Alvarez is the most admired player after Messi for Argentina in the Qatar World Cup. He is also a player who has played a big part in winning Argentina’s title. The player managed to score four goals in his first World Cup.

Alvarez has often been able to help in midfield and defense. When Lautaro faded in the last World Cup, Julian Alvarez took Argentina forward without announcing his absence. Alvarez is a player Argentina can still hope for.

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