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Messi’s father offers 600 million euros to the Saudi football team

It was revealed that Messi’s father offered a price of 600 million euros to the Saudi team, asking that he would only go if his income was higher than Ronaldo’s!

Spanish TV station El Chiringuito broke the news that Messi could play in the Saudi League, and his father has already asked the relevant clubs for a salary.

The contract between Messi and Paris will expire this summer. According to many Argentine media, Messi’s wish is to play at least one more season at the highest level, and he wants to hit the Champions League again. At the moment, only Paris has made a specific contract offer to Messi, and both sides are negotiating.

Jaime Astrain, a media person from El Chiringuito, said that the Saudi Riyadh Crescent team (also translated as Al Hilal) sent an invitation to Messi, and that the other party is ready to provide a contract with a total price of 300 million euros.

Maybe we’ll see Mero compete again!

(Tong Heng)


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