Met Gala 2023 song Hye Kyo Michelle Yeoh pays tribute to Lafayette, the giant lifeless cat took the headdress off the head and it was him

Met Gala 2023 is being held grandly in the United States. This year’s theme is to pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion giant of the “Lafayette” generation.

▼Asian stars Michelle Yeoh, Song Hye Kyo, Blackpink member Jennie and others all attended the event▼

However, in addition to the classic black and white theme, there are also many subversive styles this year. Inspired by “Cat Lover” Cupid (Choupette) Karl Lagerfeld, it completely reverses imagination.

All the stars dressed as cats to pay tribute to Lafayette. Doja Cat turned into a cat princess and was not as good as “him” in this outfit:

The most famous is Jared Leto, the “clown” who wears a “cat cat” doll outfit The lovely fur looks like an oversized cat. Don’t let the puppets steal the spotlight, and then wear the costumes black modified by GUCCI again, returning to the formal sense of the ceremony.

It is worth mentioning that because Karl Lagerfeld loves cats with blue pupils, Jared Leto also wears light blue eye shadow, which is full of heart.

When Lil Nas X took part, he wore a gorgeous crystal and pearl embroidered outfit. At the same time, the entire costume extended to the mask and gloves on the face, inlaid with crystals and pearls, just like the incarnation of the humanoid “Catman”.

Click to expand to see more Met Gala 2023 red carpet photos:

Previously, Doja Cat, the singer known as “Cat”, wore a haute couture dress with 30,000 red crystals, which made people’s eyes shine. This time, she will wear a matching dress in the Met Gala The one-piece headdress with cat ears, there are jewels on the forehead, the thin eyelashes, and even the pink “cat nose” which is deliberately made as the incarnation of a “cat princess”.

A doll cat, a crystal cat boy or a cat princess, which of the three looks the most “Carl”, what do you think?

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