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Meta enters the field, Oculus brand is retired, and no Facebook account is required to log in to the VR world

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Oculus Quest

As Facebook’s business becomes more and more, and at the same time their development focus has also changed to meta-universe, so they announced last night that the parent company will be renamed Meta, and its Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other products will remain unchanged. However, as a representative of the immersive experience, the Oculus brand will be retired and will directly use the name Meta.

Specifically, starting in early 2022, Oculus Quest will be sold on the shelf under the name of Meta Quest, and Oculus App will also be changed to Meta Quest App. According to CTO Andrew Boz Bosworth, this approach is to allow consumers to better recognize that Quest is a Meta product, and I believe it is also to highlight that it is a meta-universe device. Boz said that they think it is a difficult decision to retire the Oculus brand, but promised that Oculus’ original vision has been well rooted in Meta to continue its development.

In addition to the retirement of the Oculus brand, Meta has also decided to change the login method of Oculus devices. The goal is to use a brand new method to log in next year instead of the current Facebook account. This follows Facebook’s announcement last year that Oculus users will be required to change their original Oculus account to a Facebook account to log in before January 1, 2023, otherwise they will not be able to use part of the game and app content after the deadline, and let Oculus once again. Quest users face account migration.

As for the Portal smart screen, another hardware product of Meta, a new brand name will also be hung together and renamed Meta Portal. Because the concept of Metaverse is not limited to VR hoods, but a virtual world that can be accessed on different devices. Smart screens are just one of the doorways for users to quickly contact Metaverse, so It’s no surprise that it is included in Meta.

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