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‘Meta’ Oculus Unveils VR Headset Without Controller

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▲ New VR headset Project Kambria (Photo source: Captured Project Kambria presentation video)

Facebook changed the company name to ‘Meta’, saying it would go all-in on Metaverse. As a result, the Facebook VR brand, Oculus, will also be renamed. Oculus Quest will become a meta quest, and the Oculus app will become a meta quest app, and a full-fledged brand name change will begin early next year. In addition, a new technology that uses the hand itself as a controller without a separate controller and a new device to which this technology is introduced were also unveiled.

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth said on his Facebook on the 29th that it was very difficult to decide not to use the Oculus name, but we decided to change it to the meta for brand unity. “VR is going to be the most immersive way people will access the metaverse, and we wanted to make it clear that Oculus is a meta product now that we aim to get 1 billion people into VR,” he said. However, he added that Oculus’ vision of popularizing VR will be central to the company and its products even if the name disappears.

In addition, Oculus Home will become a ‘Horizon Home’ where you can access various contents and services, including games. In Horizon Home, you can meet your friends and go to a game together, invite your friends to a virtual space, or watch a concert together. It is also connected to ‘Horizon Workrooms’, a work space where multiple people work together in a virtual environment.

▲ Horizon Home introduction video (Video source: Oculus official YouTube channel)

The new headset ‘Project Cambria’ was unveiled along with the Vision. Project Cambria is a new device developed independently of Quest. First of all, it can be seen that the front part is thinner than the existing meta (Oculus) Quest 2. In addition, it is based on the Passthrough API, which is also used in Meta Quest, and supports hand tracking to enjoy games with both hands without a controller, and Voice SDK, which can control devices with voice.

Hand tracking tracks the movements of ten fingers based on a piano performance demonstration, etc., and it is possible to control games based on this. Then, voice control can increase accessibility while using each program more comfortably by calling and running the desired game or app name. The new SDK, including both functions, has been released as a prototype build for content developers, and will be officially introduced to Meta VR hardware including Meta Quest in the future after testing.

▲ Project Cambria announcement video (video source: Oculus official YouTube channel)

▲ Piano performance demonstration video (Video source: Oculus official YouTube channel)

In addition, it aims to provide mixed reality (MR) combined with AR that brings virtual space to reality with VR. Project Cambria is scheduled for release next year, and details will be revealed later.

New AR glasses, Project Nazare, were also unveiled. A demonstration of playing games or chatting with an avatar floating on the living room table was released, but the actual device was not disclosed. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced that the new AR glasses are only 5mm thick even though they are equipped with parts necessary to drive AR, such as a hologram display, projector, battery, camera, sensor, and speaker.


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