‘Metaverse’ patent application, Korea was 3rd in the world

Number of applications for the last 10 years Samsung Electronics came 3rd, LG Electronics 10th

The development of metaverse technology seems to be faster… China’s growth is slowing down

Fierce technological competition is taking place after COVID-19 in the field of augmented virtual worlds. (Photo by Pixar Bay)

Amid fierce technological competition in the field of augmented virtual worlds (metabus) after COVID-19, Korean patent applications were found to be third in the world.

The global market for Metaverse is expected to grow more than 10 times from $148.5 billion (about 186 trillion won) in 2021 to $1,542.9 billion (1,929 trillion won) in 2030.

According to data released by the Korean Intellectual Property Office on February 5, patents related to the augmented virtual world filed with the world’s five major patent offices, including Korea, the United States, China, Japan and Europe, grew at a rate annual average. of 16.1% between 2011 and 2020.

In particular, applications for the last five years (2016-2020) have increased approximately three times compared to the previous five years (2011-2015), indicating that applications related to the extended virtual world is accelerating.

This appears to be a result of the increasing industrial use of the augmented virtual world as realistic content and HMD (head worn display devices) have converged since 2015.

By nationality of applicants, for 10 years between 2011 and 2020, the United States (35.9%, 17,293 cases), China (29.7%, 14,291 cases), and Korea (16.2%, 7,808 cases) were the most common . In particular, China’s application growth rate was quite high at an annual average of 42.5%.

In the case of global multi-filing companies, Microsoft was in first place with 1,437 cases, followed by IBM with 1,212 cases and Samsung Electronics with 1,173 cases, indicating that global information and communication technology (IT) companies stands out. As for Korean companies, Samsung Electronics (3rd) and LG Electronics (10th) made their names in the top 10.

Looking at the application trends by detailed technology area, content (47.8%), operating system (43.9%), display (8.1%), and non-fungible token (0.2%) in the order of filing more than

Korea’s Intellectual Property Office explained that efforts to dominate the market with immersive content technology apply to manufacturing, finance, and education as well as games and movies as the operating system for building embedded virtual worlds has led to an increase in patent applications.

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