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Meteorology reveals that this week, upper Thailand continues to be cold.

Date 01 Dec 2021 time 20:01

The Meteorological Department reveals that during 1-5 Dec, the upper Thailand continues to be cold. Northeast, temperatures drop 4-6 degrees, North, Central, East, temperatures drop 3-5 degrees

The Meteorological Department forecasts weather conditions during 1 – 5 Dec. 20 as follows: A high pressure area or rather intense cold air mass from China extends over the upper Thailand. This condition causes the upper Thailand to continue to have cold weather and strong winds, with the temperature dropping in the Northeast by 4-6 degrees Celsius, while the North, Central and Eastern regions. The temperature will drop another 3-5 degrees Celsius.

while the monsoon trough moves down to lie across Malaysia And the strong northeast monsoon still prevails over the Gulf of Thailand. Southern region and Andaman Sea during 1 – 3 Dec. ’64 causing continuous rainfall in the central and lower South. with heavy rain in some areas For the strong wind waves in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Wave height 2-3 meters in the Gulf of Thailand and more than 3 meters in thundershower areas, and about 2 meters in the Andaman Sea and more than 2 meters in thunderstorm areas.

During 6 – 7 Dec. 64, the high pressure area or cold air mass covering the upper country will weaken. causing the upper Thailand temperature to rise The northeast monsoon prevails over the Gulf of Thailand, the South and the Andaman Sea. weakening resulting in lower rainfall in the South As for the wind wave in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, the wave height is about 2 meters and the thunderstorm area is more than 2 meters.

Caution: People in the upper Thailand should take care of their health due to this cold weather. As for people in the risky areas in the southern region, they should be aware of the dangers of heavy rainfall and cumulative rainfall that may cause flash floods. and flowing wild water And urge people living in the southeast coast to beware of danger from strong winds blowing to the shore. For sailors in the Gulf of Thailand should sail with caution and avoid sailing in areas with thunderstorms throughout the period. Small boats in the Gulf of Thailand should remain ashore during 1-3 Dec.



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