Meter and two Baltimore services stayed in $ 400 night-to-night hotel rooms in Washington - more than a normal spending cap

Mayor of Washington, Catherine Pugh, as well as two of her information, stayed at $ 400 per night hotel rooms in Washington while attending last month's conference, spending more than city ​​city rules often allow.

The Pugh office spent $ 5,579 on the trip, according to the work program for the Estimates Board meeting this week. The Conference of the Mayors was presented by the President of the Congress and was held by Capital Hilton Hotel from January 23 to January 25.

Pugh paid and one of the two night facilities in the hotel, and spent the other three nights there. The rooms cost $ 352 per night, plus $ 52 in taxes. The cost of the official credit card was paid to use the office of the fingers.

Usually, the city's officials assume a prior approval for travel at a cost of $ 800 or more. But Pugh did not do that, according to the work program, as "all the required information was not available on time with the approval of the Board."

Pugh said the hotel's conference organizer was chosen and did not both the city team money to pay for food.

Pugh said she spends meetings at meetings during the conferences and gets ideas to help improve the city. The mayor stated that last year at the Conferences of Mayors meeting the importance of Opportunity Belts, special tax areas created by the recent federal tax reform and designed to attract investment to struggling communities, She ordered her team to focus on most belts.

The city rules set a $ 257 day-to-day allowance, excluding tax, to stay in Washington during the winter months. But the rules allow the fingers to ask for extra money for conferences that she or she attends. It is not clear whether that exception applies to both aides.

Pugh attended the same conference in 2017 and 2018, but it is unclear whether she stayed overnight. In 2017, she attended the Board of Estimates Board in Baltimore at the center of the conference.

In the morning the Comhdháil na Méaraí event commenced, the board awaits a $ 300 hotel hotel in Washington night for President of Bernard C. City Council "Jack" Vice President Young, Council Sharon Middleton and Assistant. That is the trip in March, when the allowance comes up to $ 327 a day.

Previously, a spokesman for Youth said that the cost was justified because he was able to attend early and late evening events.

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