Metro Water Service from 26; The route and the price were decided

Kochi ∙ The water metro services inaugurated by the Prime Minister on 25th will be opened to the public from 26th onwards. Concessions for different travel tickets were announced on the occasion of the inauguration. The minimum ticket price is 20 rupees and the maximum price is 40 rupees. The fare on High Court – Vipin route is Rs.20. 30 on Vaytila-Kakkanad route and Rs.

Kochi Metro Rail has 38 terminals with similar facilities spread over 10 islands. 78 services will be held in 8 boats. Initially, the service will be operated on two routes from 7 am to 8 pm. On the 26th at 7 o’clock in the morning, the first service from the High Court Terminal to VIP. The first service will start on the Vyatila-Kakkanad route on 27th at 7 am.

The service will run every 15 minutes during peak hours. Water Metro also introduces travel package prices that can be renewed weekly, monthly and every 3 months. Boats and terminals are disabled friendly. The water metro runs on cool hybrid boats, unpolluted on water sources.

Weekly ticket for 12 trips – Rs 180 Monthly ticket for 50 trips – 600. Quarterly ticket for 150 trips – 1500.

English Summary: Water metro service from April 26


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