“Mew Sirilaphat” Counters MPs by Smuggling Rice: Examining the Rights of Parliamentarians

MP “Mew Sirilaphat” Accused of Smuggling Rice after Council Meeting


Ms. Sirilaphat Kongtrakan, also known as “Mew,” a Member of Parliament representing Bangkok from the Kao Klai (Kor. Kor.) Party, recently found herself embroiled in controversy. Reports emerged that she had been smuggling food from the council house after meetings, causing a stir among her colleagues and the public.

Food Shortage at the Council House

It is reported that after a meeting, Mew was seen leaving the council house with packed bags containing food. This raised questions about why there was still so much food left after the meeting adjourned. If the number of remaining MPs was sufficient, there should not have been any leftovers.

Mew’s Response

Mew, who has served as an MP for two terms, defended her actions, claiming that she stayed until the end of every council meeting. She expressed surprise at the amount of food left and questioned how many times the meeting was adjourned before she left.

Utilizing Rights and Choices

Mew emphasized that she exercised her right to take leftover food home rather than dine at the council house. She highlighted that if the food was not taken back, it would be distributed to the staff. Therefore, she chose to use her rights as an MP and took the food home.

Misuse of the Term “Smuggling”

It is noteworthy to mention that the term “smuggling” used to describe Mew’s action may be misleading. It is unclear whether it is a slight error in translation or intentional slander against her character.

Media Engagement and Political Role

Mew acknowledged the importance of utilizing media platforms and advised those who are unfamiliar with it to seek guidance. She emphasized that political figures must not solely focus on capturing others’ mistakes but also contribute meaningfully to debates and stimulating discussions on various issues.

Unity among MPs

Mew hinted that in future meetings, MPs from the same party might refrain from eating together if they do not stay until the end of the meeting. She stressed the significance of collective engagement to foster productive dialogue and encouraged others to be receptive to differing viewpoints.

As an MP, Mew understands the weight of her responsibilities and aims to fulfill her duty to the Thai people with honor and pride.

Note: This text has been revised to reflect a more objective and professional tone for newspaper publication.

“Mew Sirilaphat”, being pulled by the MPs, counterattacked, smuggling rice to go home insisting on using the right rights Before mocking, if the number of MPs left until the meeting was closed was enough There was no food left like this.

Reporters reported that Ms. Sirilaphat Kongtrakan or “Mew”, Bangkok MP, Kao Klai (Kor. Kor.) Party, posted a message via X in case it will be spread. Photo of the former actress smuggling food from the council house saying that

It’s a surprise

Being an MP for 2 terms, I didn’t know I went into the dining room when How many times is the council meeting “adjourned”?

Since the council meeting Mew dares to confirm that Mew stays until the end of every council meeting “every time” along with many other far-reaching fellow Members of Parliament.

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The question is, why when the meeting is adjourned? That’s why there is so much food left that he has to wrap it in a bag to go home?? If the number of MPs left until the meeting is adjourned is enough There’s no leftovers this way, right?

This leftover food if it is not wrapped back The staff will distribute it anyway, and today Mew uses the right as he has. Don’t sit and eat in the dining room But wrap back to eat at home

Using the word “smuggling”, I don’t know if it is weak in Thai or a deliberate slander.

Came to work with honor and help … Proud … that the people … Thai …. He chose some of his own. Having a duty to work in politics, to do so, debate, or stimulate any issue.

Sit and take pictures, catch other people’s mistakes, hang up, don’t think they won’t see it.

Have a medium in hand, learn how to use it. If you don’t know how to use the media you can walk in and ask happy to give advice If you want more followers than there are over 4000 people

If we meet next time None of the Members of Parliament from the same party sat down to eat with them because they did not make it to the end of the meeting. You can sit and eat together. So that we can talk about the purpose of taking pictures + captions like this what to say ready to listen

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