Home Entertainment Mew Supasit released a full album. Vibrate iTunes music charts around the world.

Mew Supasit released a full album. Vibrate iTunes music charts around the world.

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27 July 2021 6:40 PM.

Can be considered the first full album release in the life of Mew Supasit Jongcheeweewat with the album “365” (Three Six Five) The first day on iTunes was hot and rocked all iTunes charts around the world because in less than 12 hours after the album’s release, both the album and the songs. All soared to number 1 and Top10 in many countries around the world.

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And is also the only Thai artist that can soar into the 13th Global Digital Artists Rankings among the world’s top international artists in this Top20.

so called Mew Supasit Set another amazing record. With the release of the album “365”(Three Six Five) on iTunes because it received a good response from fans around the world. Until able to climb higher and higher until entering the Top10 and ranked number 1 in many countries around the world both in the parts of the songs in the album and the album itself

You can see from the latest charts now that the hot hits should be Drowning, reaching No. 1 both in Thailand and in many places such as Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and also soaring into the charts in more than 28 countries around the world. word And that’s not to mention at all. Entering into the 13th place on the Global Digital Artists Rankings that has not yet seen a Thai artist have risen through the Top20.

It must be called Mew Supasit rising to number 13 among many world-renowned artists on this chart. It is regarded as extremely successful as a singer. And it is considered that the fans are very proud. With Thai artists able to enter this chart and become 1 in the Top20, it is considered to be recognized as a full-fledged artist from this album.

This is just the first step of the album “365” (Three Six Five), because on August 1, you will be able to listen to this album in full. across all platforms, by that time the stats should be moving again.

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