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Mew understood the reason after the contract was terminated.

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Q: What happened, why did it become famous overnight?

Mew: The origin of the trip is probably already known. I don’t want to be alluded to. And we give quite a bit of respect to our old house. Because we understand the reasons for having to do this.

Q : When the release Has there been a call to talk to Mew first or send me a letter?

Mew: It’s a letter sent to my house. In fact, I had already called some time ago to warn me to calm down a bit about Mew’s expressions like this. But we find ourselves on our own. because we made a mistake This one must admit that we act as a bad example. For people who come to follow us on Twitter, which Mew admits that Mew thinks a little. In which our world has many characters, on Facebook, Mew is another person, on Instagram is another person. On the television screen is another person, but Mew has never been rude to the screen. And on Twitter, Mew is another world, which Mew might be underestimating. and especially with the use of language or the use of certain words that may not be appropriate

Q: Some people see Mew as the person who created the story. and want to promote yourself make yourself news There is a flow all the time Afraid of going out of fashion?

Mew: Say Mew is hungry for light! right? Well, Mew has been in this industry for 17 years. If it happens that Mew wants to make herself famous. Why didn’t Mew not become famous earlier?


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