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Mexico orders 24 deaths for elevated train crashes

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Mexico orders investigation of elevated train collapse Central Mexico City Killing at least 24 and injured almost a hundred. It was the worst accident in Mexico’s subway transit system. One of the busiest transport routes in the world.

Rescuers also work against time. In the recovery of the lost body from the elevated sky train line 12, which is the extension route collapsed Until the train falls On Monday evening Killing at least 24 and injuring 77.

While on Tuesday after the accident Via Mexico City Adjusting the traffic system of the affected people With the addition of hundreds of buses in the city To help people suffering from the damaged train extension route And prepare to urgently order to investigate the cause of this accident

Which many parties assess that Comes from the construction and design of train routes in the early days Which had to resume partial maintenance in 2013 after only one year of operation, or may have been affected by the earthquake of magnitude 7.1 in 2017 which may affect the route Metro in Mexico City

Marcelo Ebbrad, former mayor of Mexico City in the years 2006-2012, when the extension of the electric train was built. It said it was the worst accident in Mexico’s mass transit system.

The train system in Mexico City. It’s one of the cheapest electric cars in the world. With a ticket price of 25 cents per trip or about 7.50 baht and each day there are millions of passengers. But there have been only three serious accidents since the inception of the travel system some 50 years ago.

The most recent event was last year. Where a train collides One death, 41 injuries, and in 2015 the train did not stop on time. 12 people injured and crashed into another train in the station, and in 1975 the collision killed 26 people at that time.


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