Mexico, Pachuca and Europe, Luis Chávez reveals his priorities

According to the fans, the Diego Cocca’s Mexican National Team did not leave good feelings against Suriname in the Debut of the strategist in charge of the Tricolor teamand it is that despite the triumph the team suffered to generate dangerous plays on offense at the same time as experiencing moments of uncertainty on defense.

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What has been prioritized is having a solid defense, not making mistakes in the back and from the field forwards, trying to be more creative when attacking”, Luis Chavez stated at a press conference ahead of the game against Jamaica.

The Pachuca player spoke of the change in the technical directionwith the little work time and facing a demanding duel against the Reggae Boyz.

Diego is trying to convey his idea to us and we are trying to adapt as quickly as possible. It is a single team, a single selection, obviously the coaching staff had already planned that it would be like that because they knew that those of us who stayed were not going to play”.

We haven’t been here for long, obviously they, like us, try to do our best as a team. I can’t tell you specifically what he is looking for to improve because we haven’t been there for a long time, but we are all here to improve ”, he mentioned.

This will be the first time that Luis Chávez won the national jersey at the Colossus of Santa Úrsulaa property that still commands respect.

At least I have had to watch those games on TV, I have not had to play there, but I think that people do matter because I have had to play against América or Cruz Azul. In selection people support more, I think that can weigh that “

for now Chávez does not focus on the possibility of emigrating to the Old continent‘, abandoning Mexican soccer seems complicated.

I am first focused now with the national team, then with the club, doing things well in both parts will take me to where I want to be, which is Europe”.



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