Mexico vs Poland FIFA World Cup 2022 Match, Live – FIFA World Cup 2022, Mexico vs Poland Live

Doha – Poland held to a goalless draw against Mexico in a game where star Roberto Lewandowski was the villain after missing a penalty. Lewandowski missed the penalty awarded to Poland in the 58th minute of the match. Lewandowski’s shot was saved by Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

On the other hand, Mexico, who played attacking throughout the game, were overwhelmed by the fact that Poland’s defense could not be broken. Excellent saves from goalkeeper Szaszny also led to Mexico’s attack. With this, both teams got one point each in Group C. Saudi Arabia is at the top of the group after they upset Argentina in the first game of the group. Argentina, on the other hand, is in last place.

In the 56th minute, Lewandowski was brought down by Hector Moreno inside the Poland box, and the referee allowed a penalty with the help of ‘Warri’. Moreno was also given a yellow card. However, Lewandowski’s shot towards the right corner of the post was saved by Guillermo Ochoa with a full-length dive by the Mexican goalkeeper.

This is the first time since 1978 that Mexico and Poland will meet in the World Cup. In a first half that saw Mexico dominate, they were unlucky not to score. Mexico, who attacked Poland’s goal several times with innovative moves, were hit by innovative saves from Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szaszny. Poland’s attacks on the other hand ended with some moves from the famous star Roberto Lewandowski.

English Summary: Mexico vs Poland FIFA World Cup 2022 Match, Live

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