MG showcases the MG Cyberster electric sports car, ready for Thais to own at the Motor Expo 2021.

MG Thailand unveils the new MG Cyberster concept car at the Motor Expo 2021, ready to accept reservations under the MG Cyberster Prestige Reservation campaign, allowing customers to take part in the development. and owns the Cyberster electric sports car as the first group in Thailand Before the release of the production version in 2023

Those who reserve the right will also have the right to participate in special activities. By booking rights will be divided into different levels. according to the reservation amount After the MG Cyberster was officially launched in Thailand The said amount will be increased by 10 times to be used as a discount on the purchase of an electric vehicle, divided into 2 packages as follows:

Silver Package, price 5,000 baht, can redeem a discount of 50,000 baht
Gold Package, price 10,000 baht, redeem a discount of 100,000 baht


Those interested in participating in the campaign Rights can be reserved through the MG Thailand website for only 1 privilege per person until the end of the Bangkok International Motor Show 2022 in April 2022, and those who reserve during the Motor Expo 2021 will be able to attend. An exclusive Cyberster.

Developed by the MG Advanced Design Center in London, England, the MG Cyberster is inspired by the former MGB Roadster. It features round Magic Eye headlights that can be raised when the lights are on, along with stripes. Laser Belt on the side of the car


The prototype version of the MG Cyberster is fully electric. It is equipped with an electric motor capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and a battery capable of driving more than 800 km per charge.


The image of the MG Cyberster used in the advertisement is just a concept car, and the actual car will be heavily inspired by this model. but may have a design and different functions Because it has to be adjusted to be compatible with real road use.


Customers who book will have the right to comment with the MG Cyberster development team for specific models sold in Thailand. In the meantime, MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will update the situation. And there may be activities related to the development of this particular vehicle. For those who reserve the right to participate only

Customers who book during the time of the Motor Expo 2021 can register to receive free tickets. And experience the real MG Cyberster as a VIP and will guarantee you to get the car before anyone else.


In addition to the continued introduction of electric vehicles into the market, MG is also actively laying the foundation to strengthen the electric vehicle ecosystem. By investing in the installation of Quick Charge charging stations under the name MG Super Charge, which are currently available to more than 120 locations nationwide. There will be at least one charging station every 150 kilometers, allowing MG electric vehicle users to travel around the country with peace of mind. We have also cooperated with both the public and private sectors. with plans to increase the number of MG Super Charge stations to cover more and more dense


Meet the MG Cyberster concept car and the car that comes with technology, modernity and value for money. All models of MG are ready for promotion. and special offers at the MG booth at the “38th Motor Expo” or Motor Expo 2021 at Impact Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani, during 1-12 December 2021


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