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(Summary of daily news 23 – 27 October 2022)

1st place: Songkram (organizer) Miss Ann Chakrabongse buy Miss Universe 800 million Thai people, 100%, it does not care who will claim to do the best.

After the Miss Grand International beauty pageant, the stage that Nawat Isarakraisin made with her hands was completed on the night of October 25 in Indonesia. The championship went to Isabella Menin from Brazil, while Ingfa Waraha, Miss Grand Thailand. Got the first second place It turns out in the morning, I found more news when Ann-Chakrapong Chakrajutathip Owner of JKN Global Group, former best friend of Nawat. Announcing the acquisition of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) from the United States. That has been operating for more than 71 years with a value of about 800 million baht, making it today 100% owned by Thai people.

Later, on October 27, Ann Chakrapong announced that such acquisitions will be primarily commercial. But the competition is still under the control of CEO Amy Emmerich and President Paula Sugart. Management is still the same. The rules can change, for example, to allow people to have families and compete. but will not use any proprietary right to intervene because they want to stay on sustainability that will link to the current JKN business With 9 revenue channels and plans to discuss with the government to remove the Miss Universe stage to be held in the country Houses every 2 years, this investment is expected to pay off in the next 2-3 years.

Regarding the copyright of Miss Thailand Universe which currently belongs to Pui Piyaporn Saenkosik and is about to expire. He saw that Pui was doing a good job. Perfect At the same time, he also said I don’t care who claims to be number one. Just do your best work.

2nd place: Chon Buri players drunk and driving, hit the dead, 1 serious, 1 together with senior players drunk for saving the police The team manager cracked the tap.

An example of drunk driving in the Thai football industry Early in the morning of October 26, there was an accident of a black Toyota Vios with Mr. Worawut Sukuna or Bank, 23 years old, the goalkeeper of the Chonburi FC football club, crashes into people walking to exercise.. Chonlamakwithi Bridge, Part 2, Bang Sai Sub-District, Mueang District, Chonburi Province, caused the death of 62-year-old Kanya Phonghasbanna, one seriously injured, while test results Mr. Worawut’s alcohol was found to be up to 184 mg per cent During that time, Mr. Chalermpong Kerdkaew or Ball, 36 years old, defender and senior player. he will go in and take out Mr Worawut wounding the rescuers and the police Call for a trip from social media

This incident caused the Chonburi club to cancel Mr Worawut’s contract. And he did not send Mr. Chalermpong to the field and set up the examination committee. Regarding Mr. Sasit Sinttothong, the team manager admitted that the players met and then separated. before resigning from the position Litigation The police were charged with drink driving causing death and seriousness. But refer to refusal and ask the court. Before using the post of adviser One of the Provincial Administrative Organizations of Chonburi released bail, while Mr Wittaya Khunpluem, the chairman of the club, helped pay 100,000 baht for the funeral, plus 50,000 baht for expenses during treatment for those who injured.

3rd place: Doctor Dau encounters hell in a foreign country Thieves seize a ransom in Mali, and chain them for 25 days to negotiate a safe return home.

it became big news for famous surgeons Doctor Song – Dr. Nopparat Rattanawaraha, ex-husband of young actress Yingyae-Nontaporn Thirawatthanasuk who traveled to make travel content for the page. The “Doctor Two World Tour” left Thailand on September 12 for Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso, and appears to have lost contact on September 28 after preparing to cross the border to go to Mali Until October 22, the media reported that Doctor Two was arrested for ransom. The next day, the administrator of the page informed that Second Doctor is safe. until traveling from Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport on the morning of October 25 safely.

The second doctor said that After arriving in Mali in Africa Kidnapped by a criminal in the middle of the road Take an 8 hour motorcycle ride to a wooded location. He was held in chains for 25 days, severely traumatized. when he was arrested I don’t think I will survive. He uses a technique to talk while agreeing to pay. he confirmed he didn’t go alone But go with the tour company ok. There is an organizer to support everything. I have repeated that if any area is in danger, do not go. Sorry to everyone who worried you. Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thani Saengrat, said that he had received a report on the assistance of two doctors from the Thai embassy in Dakar, Senegal. and the Department of Consular Affairs from time to time

Additionally, it was reported that Second Doctor is being arrested for ransom in Kemparana. eastern Mali Near the borders of Burkina Faso It is an area with many terrorist groups.

4th place: Chinese Oke powder can be deposited in Yannawa area, a complete line of hell medicine, like alcohol, 104 people have purple urine Chuwit opens the zero coin pub

The police broke down Chinese karaoke and drug taking this time. It happened on October 26, Metropolitan Police Investigation Set Jinling Building and Leela Building attacked an area of ​​2′ on Charoen Rat Road, Wat Don district, Yannawa sub-district, Sathorn district, Bangkok, to a large number of male and female tourists. Most of them are Chinese. He was addicted to heroin, ecstasy, K and a drug called Happy Water. And when the urine test for drug substance was found to be purple, 104 were divided into 50 males, 54 females, divided into 99 Chinese, 3 Thai females, 1 Thai man, a shop worker. and a Cambodian man who is a card, that this shop does not accept Thai people There is an average service fee of 2 hundred thousand baht per table.

Mr. Chuwit Kamolvisit, a former politician He revealed that this type of entertainment only accepts Chinese people. Taking drug depositions is like taking liquor depositions. He also opens a casino. It’s called a no coin pub. Existing in the areas of Ratchadaphisek, Sutthisan, Huai Khwang, Rama II and Pattaya are protected by big politicians, which Pol Gen Surachet Hakpan, the deputy police chief, is ready to accept inspections. While the Bureau of Immigration (Bureau of Immigration) prepares to push the suspects out of the country, Pol Maj Gen Noppasin Poolsawat, deputy police chief, said investigators are looking into more than 30 luxury cars that parked from front of the pub. Did you get it right? Ready to find a connection whether it is the same owner as the famous pub in Ratchada or not?

5th place: Father of the nation Drug abuse of high school students, Paweena Chae, lobbying national politicians to reverse the case The person who fell had no insurance money.

The national father print scandal happened on October 24 on social media, sharing a message that a female middle school student, an athlete in Buakhao School’s running club. Ajarn Kuchinarai, Kalasin Province, was tricked by a male teacher teaching health education to come to the room for a massage. Before cheating into drinking water mixed with anesthetic He woke up to find that he was not wearing any clothes. sore penis expected to be raped The incident happened on October 17, the parents took them to report the matter, but there was no progress. The students were very stressed, thought briefly and found that they were not the only ones who compromised because of the great teacher. It became a huge criticism, Ms Paweena Hongsakul, chairman of the Paweena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women. Visit the site to track cases and help victims on their own.

Ms Paweena said The student was invented by the teacher to give her a leg massage. Because before being infected with covids, he did not exercise. lest the muscle be torn But he became drowsy until he realized that the teacher was raping. Later, Wachira Phanomkaen, 45, the accused teacher and lawyer surrendered, refusing to say anything, saying he was not on drugs. Police have been accused of raping a child under 15 years of age and of depriving a minor of an indecent exposure. before being taken into custody at Kalasin Provincial Court opposition to bail Later, Mr Wachira did not prepare bail bonds. So the court ordered him to be taken to Kalasin Provincial Prison.

6th place: Bangkok Council is down, discussing the bill for the green line extension Chatchart claimed that he did not take the offer to do anything. can point to an ending

On October 26, Bangkok Council meeting No. 4/2565 to consider the opinion proposal. Implementation of the MRT Green Line Project and guidelines for fare collection for the Mo Chit – Saphan Mai MRT Green Line Project – Khu Khot and Bearing – Samut Prakan section According to Bangkok Governor Chatchart Sitthiphan, the meeting agreed that the matter was not within the powers and duties of the Bangkok Council. In the end, Mr Wirat Meenchainan, chairman of the Bangkok Council, decided to withdraw the agenda Waiting to hear the opinion of the Bangkok Traffic and Transport Committee because the Section 44 order regulates extensions 1-2 as a single lump. must be considered by the Board of Directors.

After the meeting withdraw the proposal When the meeting opened in the afternoon, it appeared that only 12 members of the 25 member NCPO were present at the meeting, so the meeting ended. This was the first event of the Bangkok Council that came to the wall, and the next day, Mr Akkawanyu Amrapal, spokesman for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, explained that the proposed motion did not use the power to request a decision regarding any course of action. But it’s just a request for an opinion. and explain the details of the managers in the responsibility to know only If an extraordinary committee is established, he is ready to proceed. Mr Samart Ratchapolsit, the former deputy governor of Bangkok, suggested that Mr Chatchart open his heart to discuss with BTS. because of the campaign the concession will not be extended, leading to a dead end

7th place: British Prime Minister, Richie Sunak first Indian descent amid the economic crisis in the good city Support Ukraine against Russia

On October 24, Mr Richie Sunak, 42 ​​years old, former British Finance Minister was elected leader of the Conservative Party. or concert He served as Britain’s latest Prime Minister by default after the previous Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned. After only 44 days of running the country from economic policy failure. Both tax cuts favor the wealthy. and borrow large sums of money to solve the energy crisis that Mr. Sunak is a British Indian In the midst of the joy of Indians during the Diwali celebrations said Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India Sunak will be a bridge between the two countries. in partnership in modern times

Sunak said after meeting King Charles III that he would correct some mistakes made by the previous prime minister. especially the economic stability and confidence of the country. He also promised President Volodymyr Zelensky to confirm his support for Ukraine. In the next conflict with Russia For stepping into Mr. Sunak. occurred during the economic crisis. higher living costs More expensive energy from the Russo-Ukrainian war The falling pound and interest rates on loans, especially home loans, which have risen dramatically by the time the current British House of Representatives tenure ends in January 2025.

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