Mi-ra Yang said she hates pink… This is inconsistent

Actress Yang Mi-ra showed disagreement.

On the 27th, Yang Mi-ra wrote, “I hate pink #mother daughter pink rice cake #paint”.

In the photo released together, Yang Mi-ra, who went out, was included. In particular, Yang Mi-ra, who hates pink, is plastered in pink all over, from her fingertips to the clothes she wears around her shoulders, pants, and card wallet .

Mi-ra Yang, she said she hates pink... Is this inconsistent?

In addition, Yang Mi-ra said, “All the children are pink, I am pink,” and “I always say, but I hate pink,” and wore a pink beanie, causing viewers to smiling with inconsistency in words and actions.

Meanwhile, Yang Mi-ra married a businessman two years her senior in 2018 and gave birth to a son, Seo-ho, in June 2020. She also recently gave birth to her second daughter.

Correspondent Lee Joon-hyeon, Ten Asia wtcloud83@tenasia.co.kr

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