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YouTuber Misha (Misa) not only often shoots sexy photos that break the standard, but in recent years has also served as an AV producer. The AV version of “Squid Game”, which was produced at a cost of one million, has set off a high level of discussion, has reached the peak of his career, and revealed that he wants to Filming an adult version of an idol drama. Recently, I applied for a high-profile AV actor on a social network site, and asked a few conditions. At the same time, he asked to be as handsome as the actor Aaron Yan, so that the other party could not bear it. Live response, causing heated discussion.

▲▼Misha.  (Photo/Reversed from Instagram/misa72600)

▲Mi Sha was quite successful as an AV producer and attracted the support of many netizens. (Photo/Reversed from Instagram/misa72600)

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On the evening of the 29th, Mi Sha updated her current status on the social network, revealing that she recently wanted to apply for a more attractive AV male. He must meet the requirements of being 20 years old, taller than 175 cm, medium-sized, and no tattoos on his body. She also emphasized that she must be “good looking” and “GG over 15 cm”, and meet the above 6 points to sign up. She also offered a good salary of 60,000 to 100,000 per day, hoping to find someone who is destined smoothly.

▲Mi Sha 100,000 levies high-value AV actor! Calling for

▲Mi Sha posted an application for a high-value AV actor. (Photo/Reversed from Instagram/misa72600)

Not only that, but Mi Sha also said that she looks at the standard of appearance, probably with “Yan X Lun grade”, which means that he hopes that the candidate can look as handsome as the actor Yan Yalun, because of the audience of this adult film. I hope that it will be female-dominated, and I need an AV actor who exudes his own charm to perform. I didn’t expect this promotional copy to attract a response from the deity of Aaron Yan.

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▲Mi Sha believes that the conditions for high-quality looks are probably like Yan Yalun’s grade. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Aaron Yan)

Aaron Yan saw his name in the AV actor post posted by Mi Sha accidentally, and first responded with “…” showing a dumbfounded mood. After receiving his message, Mi Sha also said, “I’m sorry. Use your name, I’ll just find a standard.” Because the girls at the company agreed that he was handsome. After listening to some explanations, he also said bluntly, “No, I feel humorous.” His generous and open attitude made him feel handsome. Mi Sha praised “I have appeared, Yan P is really close to the people” and thanked him for his understanding.

▲Mi Sha 100,000 levies high-value AV actor! Calling for

▲Mi Sha applied for an essay to announce that Aaron Yan really responded. (Photo/Reversed from Instagram/misa72600)

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