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Folding screen phones are very popular. In addition to large folds that unfold into tablets, foldable shell phones that are easy to store are also popular among manufacturers. Recently, Xiaomi has also been found to have applied for a patent for shell foldable phones. Does it mean that Xiaomi is also planning related What about the product?

Recently, in the National Intellectual Property Administration of China, Xiaomi’s application for a folding mobile phone patent appeared. Unlike the already published Xiaomi MIX Fold, this new patent uses a shell-shaped folding design, equipped with a dual-camera design, and added a small cover to the upper cover. The screen, but according to this ratio, the size of the screen is really small.

Patent exposure of Xiaomi shell folding screen mobile phone, equipped with dual lens and external small screen

The size of the inner screen is unknown, but it can be seen that Xiaomi uses a hole-punch design to accommodate the front camera, instead of the under-screen camera design like MIX Fold, and the power button does not seem to integrate fingerprint recognition. As for Xiaomi’s shell foldable mobile phone, there is not much development news yet, but the patent has been released. In addition to Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have already launched or will soon launch shell foldable phones. OPPO has also reported that if Xiaomi has relevant plans The painting is not very unexpected.

Reference source: GSMArena


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