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Xiaomi Mi 5 Smart Band

From 20:00 on October 4th, the old model of the smart band “Mi Smart Band 5” will be sold for 1999 yen in the official Xiaomi Rakuten store. If you buy one item, it costs 550 yen for shipping, so the actual payment amount is 2549 yen. If you buy 2 units (if possible), it will be 3998 yen with free shipping.

Although it is an old model, the basic functions of the smart band such as pedometer, heart rate, stress, and sleep monitoring are fully installed. It’s a great deal for a global manufacturer.

Mi Smart Band 5Mi Smart Band 5

Mi Smart Band 5

Currently, the new Band Smart 7 model is on sale. The main difference is the display size and support for some measurements always on / always. Both are said to have the same battery life, but I feel the Smart Band 7’s actual drive time is shorter because it supports constant metering.

Smart Band 7Smart Band 7

Smart Band Screen 7. It has a 1.62 inch organic EL display.

Difference to Smart Band 7

Band 5 Band 7
pressure about 12.8g About 13.5g
display 1.1 inch 1269 x 294 organic EL 1.62 inch 192 x 490 organic EL
sports mode 11 types Over 110 varieties
dial Over 60 types Over 110 varieties
measure blood oxygen Possible (at any time) Possible (all day)
Always display incompatible Correspondence
water test 5 ATM (water resistance at a depth of 50m)
battery 14 days or more
market price About 3200 yen About 6200 yen

There are various things I can do, but I mainly focus on the physical condition management system. Although it does not support GPS or blood oxygen level measurement, it is enough considering the low price.

Examples of what the Mi Smart Band 5 can do

  • ・ Heart rate measurement
  • ・ Stress level check
  • ・ Sleep monitoring
  • ・ Step count
  • ・ Notifications / reminders
  • ・Incoming call confirmation
  • ・ Music playback operation
  • ・ Remote shutter
  • ・ Check the weather information


size Width 18.15mm, depth 46.95mm, height 12.45mm
pressure About 11.9g (not including belt)
display 1.1 inch AMOLED 126 x 294 compatible touch dots
sensor Gyro, heart rate PPG
Compatible OS Android 6.0 or higher, iOS 10.0 or higher
water test 5 ATM (water resistance at a depth of 50m)
wireless Bluetooth 5.0LE
battery 14 days or more

Please note that you need to use an app called “Zepp Life” to pair with your smartphone. The product manual says to use “Mi Fit”, but the name of the app has changed with the update. Please note that the app called “Mi Fitness” is for Smart Band 7.

¥2549 for a smart band that can be played in different ways, ¥1999 per unit if you buy two is a great deal. Additionally, there are various Rakuten points discounts, so you can actually get more deals. If you want to get a smart band cheap, why not take this opportunity to check it out?

Mi Smart Band 5Mi Smart Band 5

The old model of the smart band is on sale at a discounted price

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