Michael B. Jordan produces the episode “Black Superman Far Zod” for HBO Max_TOM Entertainment

According to foreign media reports, Michael B. Jordan and his production company Outlier Society developed for HBO Max“Black Superman Far Zod”It is a limited series, which will revolve around the black superman “Val-Zod” (Val-Zod) of Earth 2 in the comics.

Jordan will be the producer of “Black Superman Far Zod”, but he is not sure if he will play the leading role.The current screenwriters are determined to be Josh Peters and Darnell Mettle of “Transformers: Rise of the Super Warriors”

It is reported that this limited series has nothing to do with J. Abrams’ production of the restarted version of the “Superman” movie, which tells the story of the black superman Calvin Ellis.

Val-Zod (Val-Zod) is a superhero under the banner of DC Comics. He is the superman of Earth 2. Thomas Wayne and the others liberated the son of General Zod, the orphan of Krypton, who was secretly imprisoned by the government, and began to fight against another invasion of Darkside.

Michael B Jordan produced the series


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